degree requirements

SCSU offers a B.A. in Theatre. Students may also pursue a theatre minor in conjunction with a major in another field. The department does not offer a graduate degree.

Students must satisfy the degree requirements listed in the undergraduate catalog for the year they matriculate. These requirements may change from year to year. The requirements listed here are for students matriculating in the fall of 2012.

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In addition to the general university requirements, Theatre majors must fulfill 40 credits within the department. Majors must take:

Also, any Theatre major who fails to maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.7 in theatre courses will not be allowed to participate in any departmental productions or department sponsored activities.


There are no specific requirements in the 18-credit theatre minor program. Students should seek the advice of a department member in planning a program. 


Acting and Directing (Performance)

This area focuses on all facets of the actor's and director's crafts, from improvisation and costuming to set construction, lighting, diction, and dance. Coursework also deals with developing audition skills. Students may also focus on creative dramatics, as an educational tool and leisure time activity for children, teens, and adults.

Design and Technical Theatre

Theatre designers and technical specialists create the visual elements and illusion that set the scene--and sometimes steal the show. Students in this specialization acquire an understanding of the underlying principles--and develop hands-on skill and confidence--in scenery, costume design, and construction; stage makeup, lighting, theatre architecture, and the nuts and bolts of stage management.

Musical Theatre

The student will have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the history, procedures and techniques of being a musical theatre performer.  The department features a variety of offerings from auditioning to performing; including courses in voice and dance.

Theatre Education

Encourages the group to actively engage and contribute to the learning process.  Often this occurs through conventional play performances but also occurs through drama workshops.