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Program Goals and Learning Outcomes

Program goals

In keeping with the departmental mission statement, the program goals are as such:

1)    We will prepare our students with a broad theatrical education through curriculum that encompasses history, literature, criticism, performance practices, production practices and design.

2)    We will cultivate in our students the skills and techniques of creating theatre through pedagogical excellence in the classroom and artistic excellence in the productions.

3)    We will offer access to learning environments and employment opportunities in the profession.

4)    We will provide artistic outlets and informed appreciation of theatre to the wider community through our fully staged productions.

5)    We will participate in the art by engaging in leadership, scholarship, and creative activities. 

Learning Outcomes

After completion of major core requirements our students will show these competencies or learning outcomes:

a)     broad knowledge of theater history in its physical and literary forms

b)    recognition of the principal theatrical eras, movements, and playwrights

c)     identifying the defining characteristics of theatrical genres and styles

d)    the ability to develop, discuss, and defend informed judgments about theatre

e)     comprehension of the vocal, physical, intellectual, and artistic skills utilized by a performing artist

f)     an understanding of the collaborative technical theatre process

g)     a working knowledge of the devices, skills, terminology, and artistry involved in the process of manipulating the theatrical environment

h)    demonstration of successful application of technical theatre techniques