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64 Days of nonviolence 2008

The 64 Days officially begins on January 30, the day Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated, and ends on April 4, the day we commemorate Dr. King's passing. In our fifth annual observation, we continue to celebrate many cultures and heritage months, including Black History Month, Women's History Month, and Asian/Pacific Heritage Month.

  1. Wednesday, February 6 (5-7:30 p.m., EN B 121) : Elizabeth Nunez, Author of Beyond the Limbo Silence & Distinguished Professor of English, City University of New York & Medgar Evers College, on Resisting Colonialism and the Struggle to Guard the Spirit
  2. Tuesday, February 12 (7-9 p.m., EN A 120): A Town Meeting on Courageous Conversations about White Privilege
  3. Thursday, February 21 (7-9 p.m., ASC 201): A NOW-CT Panel at SCSU on Child Trafficking & Sexual Exploitation
  4. Monday, February 25 (5-7:30 p.m., EN C 112): Selase Williams, Provost of SCSU, on the Language Policy and Language Education in the Era of Globalization
  5. Tuesday, March 4 (7:30 -9:30 p.m. ASC Theatre) : Jackson Katz, Leading Anti-Sexist Male Activist, on Manhood and Violence in the Media (Co-sponsored with Media Studies and the Women's Center)  Located in the Adanti Student Center Theater.
  6. Friday & Saturday, March 7 & 8 (7:00 p.m., EN C 112): Vagina Monologues, Co-Directed by Erica Greco and Bern Morales (Co-sponsored with Triota)
  7. Friday, March 14 (9-3, EN A 120): Women of Color activism of scholarship and scholarship of activism-a one-day symposium with Mel Lewis (Ph.D. Candidate in Women's Studies, University of Maryland), Layli Phillips (Associate Professor of Women's Studies, Georgia State University), and Bridget Harris Tsemo (Assistant Professor of Rhetoric, University of Iowa)
  8. Monday, March 24 (2-3:15 p.m., EN B 121): Eric Hamako, EdD Candidate in Social Justice Education at UMass Amherst, on Mixed Race Identity, Science Fiction, & Social Justice Education
  9. Friday, March 28 (7:00 p.m., Immanuel Baptist Church at 1324 Chapel Street, New Haven, CT): Billie Jean Young Performing Fannie Lou Hammer (co-sponsored with African American Women's Summit of Links, Inc.)
  10. Monday, April 7 (2-3:15 p.m., ASC Theatre): Alex Ewen, co-author of Encyclopedia of American Indians in the 20th Century (forthcoming in summer 2008), on American Indian history
  11. Wednesday, April 9 (5-7:30 p.m., EN B 308): Doreen Martinez, Assistant Professor and Director of Women's Studies, Northern Arizona State University, on the First Wave of Globalization and Indigenous Peoples
  12. Monday, April 14 (2-3:15 p.m., ASC 301): Natalie Holder-Winfield, Attorney-at-law and President of Quest Diversity Initiative, on Diversity & Top Ten Barriers to Inclusion
  13. Wednesday, April 16 (5-7:30 p.m., EN B 121): Shu-mei Shih, Professor of Asian Studies, Asian American Studies, and Comparative Literature, UCLA, on Minor Transnationalism
  14. Thursday, April 17 (7-9 p.m., EN B 229): Women's Studies Open House (immediately following the Spring Graduate Studies Open House, 3-7 p.m.)
  15. Friday, April 18 (7:30 p.m., EN C 112): Feminist Fashion Show (Created & Hosted by Jill Bassett)
  16. Friday, April 25 (9-3, at UConn Stamford): Feminist Activism with Nancy Naples, Professor of Sociology and Women's Studies, UConn Storrs, in the Annual Meeting of Coalition of WMS in CT & RI (co-sponsored with Women's Studies at UConn, Stamford)
  17. Saturday, April 26 (9-5, EN A 120): 6th Annual Graduate Conference, "Feminist Art: Create Resistance," with keynote Clare Coss, playwright & activist
  18. Gordene Mackenzie, Director of Women's Studies at Merrimack College, with Nancy Nangeroni on Transgender Issues and Activism (co-sponsored with LGBTQ Prism Club; Monday, April 28th in Engleman C113)
  19. Dorothy Vasquez-Levy, Associate Professor of Ed. Leadership, SCSU, on Women and Civil Rights Movement (Date TBA)
  20. Thursday, May 1 (TBA): WMS Minors Fair


We thank our many co-sponsors at SCSU and beyond:  Faculty Development Office; Association of American University Professors; Black Student Union; Iota, Iota, Iota National Women's Studies Honor Society, SCSU; LGBTQ Prism Club; Media Studies Department; Minority Recruitment and Retention Committee; SCSU Women's Center; African American Women's Summit of Links, Inc.; Campus Progress; NOW-CT; and Women's Studies at UConn Stamford.