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64 Days of Nonviolence

Fallen Angels Scherezade GarciaThe 64 Days officially begins each year on January 30, the day Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated, and ends on April 4, the day we commemorate Dr. King. In our eleventh annual observation of the 64 Days at SCSU, we continue to celebrate the peace and justice heritage in many of our cultures and heritages, including our observation of Black History Month, Women's History Month, and Asian/Pacific Heritage Month.

11th Season of 64 Days of Nonviolence - 2014 (Map of events)



29th:Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial (1-2 PM, Adanti Student Center Ballroom)


4th:Screening of “42”-The True Story of an American Legend, Jackie Robinson (12 PM, Adanti Student Center Theater)

6th: SCSU NAACP 1st Annual Showcase (7-10 PM, Adanti Student Center Ballroom)

10th: Kingian Nonviolence Training Informational Sessions (1-2 PM, Adanti Student Center Ballroom; 4-5 PM, Adanti Student Center Theater)

11th: Lunar New Year Celebration (12-2 PM, Engleman Hall B 121 A&B)

21st:Feminist Pedagogy 2.0 and Beyond: Teaching Women’s and Gender Studies,” with Dr. Kakali Bhattacharya, of Kansas State University (9-3 PM, Adanti Student Center 308)

25th & 26th: A reading of Eve Ensler’s Vagina Monologues, with Iota, Iota, Iota, the SCSU Chapter of the National Women’s Studies National Honor (8-10 PM, Engleman Hall C 112)

28th: Two-Day Kingian Nonviolence Core Training Workshop (1-7 PM, Engleman Hall B 121 A&B) 


1st: Two-Day Kingian Nonviolence Core Training Workshop (9-4 PM, Adanti Student Center Ballroom) 

6th: "Black Girls Rock" (7-10 PM, Adanti Student Center Ballroom)

6th: "Cartographies of Struggle:  Arab Feminist Resistance" with Laila Farah (11-12:15 PM, Engleman Hall B 121 A & B)

13th: “Gender Justice and Cyber Technology,” an evening with feminist legal scholars on intersections of gender and technology (5-7:30 PM, Engleman Hall B 121 A&B)

22nd: The 18th Annual African American Women’s Summit, a Sisters’ Collective in New Haven (8-3 PM, Wexler-Grant School, New Haven)

25th: "Yellow Dress Program" (8-10 PM, Farnham Programming Space)

27th: “The Z Experience,” a spoken word event in memory of Zannette Lewis, in conjunction with Women’s Appreciation Day: “Celebrating Women of Character, Courage, and Commitment” (7-9 PM, Engleman Hall A 120)


2nd: "Everyone Matters Day" -- 1st annual celebration of the value and dignity of every human being

3rd: A Panel: “Girls’  Activism & Future of Feminism,” with Kat Lazo (5-7:30 PM, Engleman Hal B 121 A&B)

6th: Tunnel of Oppression (6-8 PM, Lyman Center)

11th & 12th:21st Annual Women’s Studies Conference, “Ecology, Spirituality, Sustainability: Feminist & Indigenous Interventions”

17th: “Understanding Disabilities through Song & Poetry,” with Elaine Kolb and Sarah Rizzuto (5-7:30 PM, Engleman Hall B 121 A&B)

23rd: “Take Back the Night,” an annual event to stop violence against women and shatter the silence (7-9 PM, Adanti Student Center Ballroom)   

29th: Armenian Genocide Commemoration Celebration: Celebration of American Art, Culture & History. with President Papazian as the Keynote Speaker. (12:30-1:30 PM; Adanti Student Center Theatre)                    

TBA:Beauty Across Cultures: “Beauty and Body Image: Cultivating the Whole Person” (TBA)


1st: An OWL (Opportunity for Women’s Leadership) Empowerment Symposium, our 10th leadership conference with young women. James Hillhouse High School, Wilbur Cross High School, and other New Haven high schools (8-3 PM; EN B 121 A&B)

Partners at SCSU in the 64 Days of Nonviolence program planning include SCSU American Association of University (AAUP); Black Student Union; SCSU Faculty and Development Office; the SCSU Chapter of the Iota Iota Iota National Women’s Studies Honor Society; Minority Recruitment and Retention Committee (MRRC); Multicultural Center; Office of Diversity and Equity; SCSU SAGE Center; Women’s Center; Women’s Studies Program. Outside SCSU, our sister collaborators include African American Women’s Summit Committee and the Coalition of Women’s Studies in CT & RI (CWMSC).