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The Sixteenth Annual Women's Studies Conference:

"Women's Health: Colonized, Resisted, Reclaimed"

To be held on the campus of Southern Connecticut State University, Friday and Saturday, October 27 and 28, 2006 

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Call for Papers 2007

17th Annual Women's Studies Conference



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- Cherrie Moraga   - Carolyn Mazure   - Katsi Cook   


The 16 th Annual Women's Studies Program Conference:

"Women's Health: Colonized, Resisted, Reclaimed"

The 16 th Annual Women's Studies Conference at Southern Connecticut State University explores various dimensions of women's health: physical, emotional, cultural, psychological, political, spiritual, socio-economical, and more. Examinations of the representations of women's health across different regions on the globe will be a primary focus. How is women's health defined and by whom? How are disease, medicine, and healing defined differently for women? In our sixteenth annual conference, we hope to explore the full complexity of women's health in the age of globalization.


Keynote Speakers :

Cherrφe Moraga , poet, playwright, and essayist is co-editor of the classic This Bridge Called My Back, her other publications include co-edited volume Third Woman: The Sexuality of LatinasWaiting in the Wings: Portrait of a Queer Motherhood; and a new expanded edition of Loving in the War Years Ms. Moraga's work is considered courageous and controversial in both Chicano and feminist communities. Speaking from her commitment and experiences as a Chicana feminist lesbian, she has broken the silences surrounding taboo topics such as sexuality and lesbianism, sexism and homophobia in Chicano culture and racism and classism in the white women's movement. 

Carolyn Mazure is Director of Women's Health Research at Yale, the largest, self-supporting interdisciplinary women's health research program in the country and has been the honored recipient of a U.S. Public Health Service Fellowship. Dr. Mazure has provided testimony regarding research on women's health to the U.S. Congress in three consecutive years. She is also Professor of Psychiatry and Associate Dean for Academic and Faculty Affairs at the Yale University School of Medicine.





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Women's Fair Opens

Buley Library Exhibit, "The Readers' Choice: Popular Genres and Women's Health"


Welcome and Plenary Session I

"Women of Color, Health, and Decolonization "

  • Katsi Cook
  • Safiya Bandele


Beverage Break at the Women's Fair


Film Screenings

  • Film 1- Love, Honour, and Disobey
  • Film 2- Homeland: Four Portraits of Native Action
  • Film 3- In Women's Hand: A Film on Women, HIV and Hope



Concurrent Session A

A1 Personal Medical Narratives 
Moderated by Rosalyn Amenta

  • Nancy Alexander, "Surviving Cancer: Two Spiritual Journeys"
  • Sonia Bernstein, "A Diabetic Tale: Sugar and Spice and ???"
  • Ronnie Farley, "Surviving Age: A Portrait of My Mother"

A2 Giving Voice to the Silent Symptoms of Intimate Partner Violence
Moderated by Ingrid Semaan

  • Ilene Wolf
  • Doreen Breen
  • Susan Sullivan

A3 Female Sexuality in a Post-Roe World
Moderated by Charlie Dellinger-Pate

  • Lisa Marella, "Abstinence Only Education and Its Effect on Women and Girls"
  • Carolyn Treiss, "Female Sexuality Law and Politics"
  • Michelle Noehren, "Third Wavers Perceptions of Sexuality and Reproduction in a Post-Roe/Post-Sexual Revolution World"


A4 Cross-Cultural Analyses of Women's Health: Indigenous Encounters
Moderated by Kathleen Skoczen

  • Lois Scozzari, "American Indian Women and The Continuity of Cultural Affirmations Through the Emerging Pow Wow"
  • Heidi Zavatone-Veth, "Maya Identity and the Politics of Women's Health among Community Health Worker Training Programs in Highland Guatemala"

A5 Holistic Health & Alternative Health Care
Moderated by Doris Marino

  • Robban Sica, M.D.
  • Wendy Hurwitz M.D.



Beverage Break at the Women's Fair (Fair closes at 5:30pm) 



Concurrent Session B

B1 Maternal and Child Health in the International Context
Moderated by Jennifer Guarino

  • Jude Robinson, "Laughter and Forgetting: Using Focus Groups to Discuss Smoking and Motherhood"
  • Toby Simon, "Women in Haiti: 'One Foot Over Burning Coal, The Other Aimed at Solid Ground'"

B2 Implications of Abuse on Women's Health
Moderated by Melinda Bronson

  • Ellen Smith, "Still Here: Trauma, Illness, and Coping in Women Living with HIV/AIDS"
  • Ilene Wolf, "Implications of Abuse on Women's Health"

B3 Microbicides: Revolutionizing HIV Prevention and Reproductive Freedom
Moderated by Lynn Westling

  • Shanta Evans
  • Laurie Sylla
  • Maryann Abbott

B4 Policy and Politics on Women's Health: Local and Global (I)
Moderated by Ilene Crawford

  • Onyi Obidoa, "Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome: Overview of Study"
  • Daniela Ragusa, "STD's, HPV, the FDA, 3M, and URI Rhetorically Decoding the Human Papillomavirus"
  • Jody Lisberger, "DES and Diflucan: Pharmaceutical Marketing Choices-Why Women Should Take Heed"

B5 Village of Power: Recovery and Health
Moderated by Cathy Christy



Dinner with Indigenous Eco-feminist Performance

"Holding up the Sky," by Coatlicue Theatre Company ( Colorado Sisters)

Keynote with Carolyn Mazure, "Women's Health Research, the Final Frontier - 'To boldly go where no one has gone before'."




Registration Opens

Women's Fair Opens

Continental Breakfast

Buley Library Exhibit, "The Readers' Choice: Popular Genres and Women's Health"


Film Screenings

  • Film 1- Mowhawk Girls
  • Film 2- Full Circle
  • Film 3- Killing Me Softly 3: Advertising Image of Women



Concurrent Session C

C1 "Woman, Heal Thyself!": A Round Table
Moderated by Rosalyn Amenta & Virginia Metaxas

  • Jill Bassett
  • Atiya Jackson
  • Christan Moran
  • Sarah Saiano
  • Jessica Warner

C2 Poetry Workshop

  • Dianna Vagianos Miller, "Women's Health: Poetry for Healing"

C3 Cross-Cultural Analyses of Women's Health: International Perspectives
Moderated by Leslie Lindenauer

  • Michele Thompson, "The Natural Laws of Reproduction and Inheritance in Nguyen Vietnam"
  • Elise Young, "Between Daya and Doctor: Palestinian Refugee Women and Health: A Cross-Cultural Comparative Analysis"

C4 Mental Health Nursing and Victims of 9/11: "Health Responses of New York City Firefighter Spouses and their Families Post-September 11, 2001, Terrorist Attacks"
Moderated by Deborah Flynn

  • Anne Marie Menendez
  • Janice Malloy
  • Maryann Magaldi
  • Cora Marshall

C5 Resistance to the Medical Construction of Women's Health
Moderated by Kristen Pavlik

  • Lori Duin Kelly, "Out of Just Relation to the World: Weir Mitchell's Rest Cure and the Power of Stigmatization"
  • Susan Overton, "Hotbeds of Hysteria: Women's Colleges and Girls' Schools in the U.S."

C6 Women's Health in the Age of A.R.T.
Moderated by Jessie Whitehead

  • Jeanette May, "The Art of Fertility"


Beverage Break at the Women's Fair



Concurrent Session D

D1 Immigration and Women's Health
Moderated by Cathy Gennert

  • Marisa DeFranco
  • Kate Brassel
  • Laba Thiam

D2 National Healthcare for Women?
Moderated by Carol Avery

  • Susan Sered, "Women and the 'Problem' of the Uninsured"
  • Leah Stambler, "Insights About the Societal, Economic, and Political Variables That Impinge on Women's Health Care in the United States"

D3 Cultural Representations and Women's Health
Moderated by Jackie Arsenuk

  • Stacy Carvalho, "The Impact of Cultural Stereotypes of Menopausal Women on Decision Concerning Hormone Replacement Therapy"
  • Dina Giovanelli, "Controlling the Self: Media Representations, Body Size, and Discipline"

D4 Healing Through Theater and Spoken Word
Moderated by Randa Eason

  • Dina Dahbany-Miraglia, "Jilti Bixayr or How 'The Word' Keeps You Sane: A Performance Art Script/Monologue"
  • Juli Parker, "Is Feminist Theatre a Method of Social Change?"

D5 Policy and Politics on Women's Health: Local and Global (II)
Moderated by Polly Beals

  • Brenda Santos, "The Grassroots Origins of Teen Pregnancy Service Reform: A Case Study"
  • Kathleen Skoczen, "The War Against Women's Health: Abortion as a Human Right?"

D6 Native American Talking Circle with Pam Albert 


Luncheon with an Ethnographic Performance of Black Motherhood

"If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again," by Evette Hornsby-Minor


Plenary Session II "Global Women's Health & Globalization Aminata TourΘ, Officer-in-Charge, Culture, Gender and Human Rights Branch, UNFPA"


Film Screenings

  • Film 1- Water


Beverage Break at the Women's Fair



Concurrent Sessions E

E1 Questioning Reproductive Technologies
Moderated by Susan D'Onofrio

  • Medora Barnes, "Curious Behaviors of Pregnant Women: Responses to the Two-Patient Model of Pregnancy"
  • Summer Wood, "This is Not Magic, It is Science: Local Reporting on Global Reproductive Technologies in Sub-Saharan Africa"

 E2 Women's Health Through the Lens of Art and Healing
Moderated by Cora Marshall

  • Cora Marshall, Moderator
  • Peg Speirs, "Women's Health Through the Lens of Art and Healing"
  • Lori Don Levan, "Self Portrait as Healing Acts"
  • Jennifer Eisenhauer, "Women's Health Through the Lens of Art and Healing"

E3 Comparative Historical Approaches to Women's Health
Moderated by Polly Beals

  • Virginia Metaxas, "Gendering Medical Aid: American Women Physicians in Early Twentieth Century Wartime Turkey"
  • Ann Higginbotham, "Nurseries of Vice: Pregnant Single Women and the Victorian Workhouse"
  • Heather Prescott, "They Take Care of Their Own: The Contraceptive Self-Help Movement at U.S. Colleges and Universities in the 1960s and 1970s"

E4 Feminist Interventions and Women's Health
Moderated by Filomena Vagueiro

  • Katie Aubrecht, "Probing the Asymptomatic Anomaly and Screening the Social Cervix"
  • Christan Moran, "Healing Properties of Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Section"

E5 Recovery of Women's Health in the Prison Industry Complex: WORTH
Moderated by Andrea-Lynne DeCrosta

  • Tina Reynolds & WORTH members

E6 Take Back the Kitchen: Food and Women's Health
Moderated by Rosalyn Amenta

  • Surbhi Sahni, "Alpana: Magical Representations & Prayers of Women"
  • Peggy Rivage-Seul, "Take Back the Kitchen: Reclaim Our Health"


Dinner with Plenary Session III on Indigenous Taiwanese Women's Health Issues

  • Apu'u Yaisikana
  • Rebecca C. Fan

Health Issues 


Keynote Session with  Cherrφe Moraga "Speaking for the Ancestors: The Gift of My Mother's Dying" 



Ingrid Washinawatok El-Issa Award Ceremony and Reception

For more information, please contact the Women's Studies Program:

Women's Studies Program
EN B229
501 Crescent Street
New Haven CT 06515
(203) 392-6133


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