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Bilingual Ed./TESOL

Learning Outcomes for Bilingual Ed./TESOL

At the program's completion, graduates will be able to:

1.  Develop and deliver effective academic programs for English language learners based on a sound understanding of language development theory and language learning pedagogical principles and on personal reflection concerning one's own professional practice;

2.  Effectively teach English as a second language and develop ESL and/or bilingual education programs in a variety of instructional contexts and for various levels of language abilities;

3.  Indicate through their practice their value of the maintenance and the appropriate use of the learner's native language for the learner's academic development and second language development; and
            3a.  (for those who are proficient in a language other than English) effectively teach content to English language learners in a bilingual setting, that is, in English and in the primary language.

4.  Effectively advocate for the social, emotional, and instructional needs of English language learners.

5.  Effectively engage in professional discussions and activities related to the field.