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Cross-Endorsement: TESOL

State Requirements (as of 10/06)

Teachers  holding a valid Connecticut teaching certificate within the endorsement areas or fields of early childhood, elementary, middle grades, secondary academic subjects, special subjects, or special education, may add the TESOL endorsement to their current certification.  Regulations require the completion of 30 semester hours of credit in TESOL with at least three semester hours of credit in each of the category areas listed below:

  • English Syntax, English Composition
  • Language Theory
  • Culture and Intergroup Relations
  • Linguistic and Academic Assessment of Limited English Proficient Students
  • Curriculum and Methods of Teaching English as a Second Language

Other acceptable courses can be completed in British or American Literature, or English Language.

SCSU Courses Approved by CT Dept. of Education by Category (as of 2001)

Key:  Those marked by asterisks are recommended by our program as best addressing the category topic.

English Syntax, English Composition:            
FLA/TSL 505:  Pedagogical English Grammar **          
ENG 505:  Applied English Linguistics           
ENG 504:  The Teaching of Writing           
ENG 510:  History of the English Language       
Culture and Intergroup Relations           
SOC 510:  Ethnic and Racial Relations **                  
URB 550:  Ethnicity in Amer. Society           
EDU 563:  Anti-bias and Multicultural Perspectives **  
FLA/TSL 510:  TESOL:  Theory and Practice           
FLA/TSL 515:  Bilingual Ed:  Principles, Practices
COM 440:  Cultural Influences of Commun.

Language Theory
FLA/TSL 502:  Descriptive Linguistics **
FLA/TSL 503:  Second Language Acquisition **
FLA/TSL 510:  TESOL:  Theory and Practice
ENG 505:  Applied English Linguistics

Linguistic and Academic Assessment of English Language Learners (ELLs)
FLA/TSL 521:  Assessment for ELLs **
URB 560:  Ethnic Realities in the American Community **
FLA/TSL 515:  Bilingual Education: Principles and Practices
FLA/TSL 510:  TESOL, Theory and Practice
FLA/TSL  518:  Content-Based Instruction for ELLs
FLA/TSL 512:  TESOL: Practicum

Curriculum and Methods of Teaching ESL
FLA/TSL 510:  TESOL:  Theory and Practice **
FLA/TSL 511:  TESOL:  Methods and Materials **
FLA/TSL 518:  Content Based Instruction for ELLs
FLA/TSL 515:  Bilingual Ed :  Principles, Practices
FLA/TSL 517:  Literacy Development for ELLs

Note:  The state requirements for ESL cross-endorsement are expected to be revised as of July, 2014.