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By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is bitterest. - Confucius

Philosophy critically examines societal assumptions and values and actively engages in issues regarding human rights and social justice.

Philosophy is in the midst of a number of important projects, including a major revision and restructuring of the Research Center on Computing and Society (to be renamed the Research Center on Values in Emerging Science and Technology—RC-VEST). It will continue the long tradition of welcoming Visiting Scholars from around the world. Also of special note are the longstanding prestigious philosophy journal, Metaphilosophy, the newly minted Philosophy Department Research Group, and several recent and upcoming creative works and presentations whose scope and significance extend beyond narrow scholarship to include community organizations, other academic institutions, and businesses.

Philosophy is active in the community in two contexts: co-curricular and extra-curricular. Philosophy students have been leaders in these projects: directing book drives that collected over 1000 books for neighborhood children who do not own books, setting up new homes for refugees immigrating to New Haven, tutoring 2nd graders at urban public schools, etc. 

Philosophy Department

Recent Departmental and Faculty Successes

Dr. Terry Bynum continues to work on several pieces for publication in Computer and Information Ethics. He presented “Philosophy and the Information Revolution” at the Annual Convention of the Eastern Division of the American Philosophical Association.

Dr. Eric Cavallero’s article, “Association and Asylum,” was published in Philosophical Studies.

Dr. Ken Gatzke continues to work on two book projects in Philosophy of Education.

Dr. Rex Gilliland continues to work on his book manuscript, Novelty and Creativity.

Dr. Krystyna Gorniak-Kocikowska published her paper, “Selected Aspects of the Relation Between Critical Thinking and Critical Listening based on the Educational System in the United States – A Contribution to the Didactics of Philosophy,” in Analiza i Egzystencja. She also contributed a chapter on Roman Catholic monasticism in Poland to the recently published work, Monasticism in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Republics.

Dr. Chelsea C. Harry published her monograph, Chronos in Aristotle's Physics: On the Nature of Time, with the Springer series for Philosophy. Her article on Schelling’s departure from the thoughts of Kant and Fichte appeared in the Journal of Speculative Philosophy.

Dr. Heidi Lockwood published “In Defense of Gratuitous Risk.”

Dr. Armen T. Marsoobian recently published his work, Fragments of a Lost Homeland: Remembering Armenia, and has been busy with events and exhibitions related to the book’s release.

Dr. David Pettigrew continues to lecture widely on the Bosnian War and Genocide and has recently published two chapters in two different collections. He gave two keynote lectures, “The Legacy of the Dayton Peace Accords: Human Rights Violations in Republika Srpska,” in Stockholm and, “The Suppression of Collective Memory and Identity in Bosnia: Prohibited Memorials and the Continuation of Genocide,” at Charles University in Prague.

Dr. Sarah Roe presented a paper, “Feyerabend on Scientific Values and How Philosophers Shouldn’t Interfere,” at the April conference for Values in Medicine, Science, and Technology. She is also working on several grants for the National Science Foundation with Dr. Christine Broadbridge (Physics) relating to improving STEM education.

Dr. Richard Volkman published his article, “Computer Ethics Beyond Compliance,” in the Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society. He organized the RCCS Roundtable, The Ethics of Big Data, for RC-VEST staff and other scholars and professionals from the region.

Dr. Xiaomei Yang recently published her entry, “De (virtue),” in the third edition of the Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy and contributed a review of Virtue Ethics & Confucionism in the journal, Ethics.