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Women's Studies

Women’s Studies explores the nature of women’s status, circumstances, and objectives across the boundaries of academic disciplines, cultures, and historical time periods. It seeks to inform society that marginalized groups and their experiences are legitimate and that race, class, sexuality, and other facets of identity are socially constructed.

Women's Studies Program

Regionally and nationally, Women’s Studies has always played a leadership role with its annual WMS conference and innovative programming. WMS continued its year-round community outreach and collaboration with New Haven communities. They include (1) Ms. Magazine, where Dr. Tricia Lin, the Director of Women’s Studies, serves on the Advisory Committee of Scholars; (2) Peace Action Roundtable (P.A.R.): a New-Haven peace activist community organization; (3) the African American Women’s Summit (AAWS), a 20-year-old Sisters’ Collective in New Haven, where WMS received recognition on the April 25th anniversary luncheon; (4) the Perfect Blend Youth Leadership Program; (5) the West Haven Black Coalition (WHBC); (6) Flying Eagle Woman Ingrid Washinawatok El-Issa Fund for Peace, Justice, and Sovereignty; (7) Connecticut Women’s Hall of Fame, where Dr. Rosalyn Amenta serves on the board of trustees and co-chairs the Consulting Scholars Committee; (8) Coalition of Women’s Studies in CT & Rhode Island (CWMSC), where WMS helped found the collective in 2004 and organize its (mostly) annual gathering, which was last held at Saint Joseph University on May 1st, 2015; (9) The Get-in-Touch Foundation, a private foundation aimed at providing breast health initiatives that educate people of all ages against breast cancer; and (10) the New Haven Hip Hop Collective, which Women’s Studies continued to engage in for the planning and programming of hip hop conference and scholarship, now part of the Flava of Hip Hop in New Haven after its sponsorship of the First Annual New Haven Hip Hop Conference, “Finding Common Ground: Exploring Interconnections in Social Justice, Media, Education, and Cultural Politics” (July 19th, 2014).

Of particular note is the WMS decade-long Opportunity for Women’s Leadership (OWL) Program. The OWL is the WMS outreach to the New Haven and regional high schools for an annual one-day leadership symposium with 25-35 high school students. The OWL 2015 was held on April 30th, with well over 32 high school students in attendance, from Common Ground, Hillhouse, Metropolitan Business Academy, and West Haven High School.

Women’s Studies graduate students regularly present at regional and national conferences. Gwyneth Crowley presented a portion of her thesis on her analysis of the use of postcards during the suffrage movement at the National Women’s Studies Association (NWSA) conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Likewise, Lauren Todd presented in the following two panels at the NWSA conference in November 2014: “Feminisms and Corporate Academy: A Collective Critique for the Future of Feminist Justice,” and “The (Black) Body Politic: Blackness, Identity, and Spatial Narrative.” Lauren Chicoski co-presented with her thesis advisor Dr. Laura Bower-Phipps on developing youth leadership programs at the annual meeting of the New England Educational Research Organization in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Dayeshell Muhammad co-presented a workshop at the Women’s Empowerment Conference in March 2015, in San Antonio, Texas.