Business Etiquette Dinner

 2013 Business Etiquette Dinner

 March 18, 2013 Dinner1

Each year, Southern Connecticut State University holds an “Etiquette Dinner,” a chance for students and professionals alike to brush up on their table manners and social skills.

 Students from School of Business joined tables with representatives from Marcum LLC, Local Businesses, faculty and staff.

 Karen Hinds, Founder and CEO of Workplace Success Group, was the featured speaker for the event. She spoke about a range of etiquette topics such as how to politely eat a meal while on business, and how to handle and avoid awkward moments with your future boss. The main idea of her presentation was, “It is not about the food but the connections you make.”

 Monika Kaczmarcyk, School of Business, Marketing 2014:” The etiquette dinner was fantastic experience. I was amazed with all the incredible networking skills Karen Hinds demonstrated.”

 I highly recommend this event to SCSU students and professionals from the area. It was fun, the food was great, and students left with a few new contacts.  Next year, if you are a student attending this event, I recommend you bringing a business card. It is a great way to stand out from the other students, and it facilitates an easier follow up.





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