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Online Management Career Resources

A variety of online providers offer detailed listing of management/MIS and International Business opportunities in a variety of industries. Free search engines allow you to select a position of interest and see what is available at desired locations, both nationally and internationally. While this section refers you to two of the biggest websites offering career resources, there are many others, with some specializing in particular functional specializations (human resource management, MIS, management consulting, etc.).

Both and link career searches to managerial level, giving you the option of targeting entry, middle management or executive level positions. lists internship opportunities as well. A wide variety of industries and positions are listed.

Salary information on most private and many public sector jobs is available at websites such as Once again, search engines allow you to explore salaries by the position you are interested in, and the location where you intend to work. Not-for-profit salary information is available through the annual survey of an industry publication, The NonProfit Times.