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Dr. Mehdi T. Hossain

Mehdi T. Hossain

Assistant Professor of Marketing
School of Business, Room 216
(203) 392-5924

Professor Hossain has received his PhD in Marketing from the University of Texas at Arlington, and his M.S.S and B.S.S degrees in Economics from University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Research Interests: Mental accounting, Donation decision making, Decision errors caused by effortful thinking, and Indulgence. In one project Dr. Hossain examines how people’s thinking style and the type of the charitable cause (humanitarian vs. environmental) interact to facilitate donor’s giving intentions. Professor Hossain’s research also focus on how overthinking often leads to demonstration of classic biases in decision making, and underlying motivations of consumer’s choice of vice options over virtuous ones. Professor Hossain’s research has been published in academic journals including Journal of Consumer Research, Industrial Marketing Management, International Journal of Research in Marketing and Marketing Letters. His teaching interests include courses such as Consumer Behavior, International Marketing and Marketing Management.

Teaching Areas:

Undergraduate: MKT 200: Principles of Marketing
                           MKT 321: Consumer Behavior
                           MKT 327: Marketing Management
                           MKT 420: Global Marketing
Graduate:          MKT 420: Global Marketing
                           MBA 536: International Marketing


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Hossain, Mehdi T. and Ritesh Saini (2014), “Suckers in the Morning, Skeptics in the Evening: Time-of-Day Effects on Consumers' Vigilance Against Manipulation,” Marketing Letters, 25(2), 109-121.

Hossain, Mehdi T. and Zhiyong Yang, “Effect of Thinking Style on Donation: Moderating Role of Cause Type”, competitive paper (published extended abstract), Association for Consumer Research Conference, Baltimore, MD, October 2014.

Hossain, Mehdi T. and Ritesh Saini, “Cognitive Motivation and Its Impact on Price Cognition”, competitive paper (published extended abstract), Association for Consumer Research Conference, Chicago, IL, October 2013. 


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