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Dr. Melvin Prince

Melvin PrinceProfessor of Marketing
School of Business, Room 210
(203) 392-7024

Melvin Prince holds a Ph.D. degree from Columbia University. He is a professor of marketing at Southern Connecticut State University. He teaches graduate courses in marketing research, consumer behavior and advertising. His industry experience includes marketing research directorships at advertising agencies, manufacturing companies and the media. He is a member of the American Marketing Association, American Statistical Association, Association for Consumer Research, and the Society for Consumer Psychology, a division of the American Psychological Association. Dr. Prince has been an analytic consultant to research companies and their clients. He has delivered addresses before the Advertising Research Foundation, the Association of National Advertisers and the Market Research Council. He has written three books, including Consumer Research for Management Decisions. His articles have previously appeared in such journals as Journal of Business Venturing, Journal of Economic Psychology, Business Horizons, Business Strategy Review, Journal of Advertising, and Journal of Advertising Research.

A major theme of his articles is cutting-edge issues in research methodology, such as the reliability of positioning studies, innovative approaches to focus groups, and potentials of mixed methods studies. He is a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Business Research.

Teaching Areas


  • MKT 321: Consumer Behavior
  • MKT 325: Marketing Research


  • MBA 538: Marketing Analysis and Measurement


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Book Chapters

Prince, M. (2012). Mixed Methods in Marketing Research, Chapter in Leading Edge Marketing Research. SAGE.

Prince, M., & Priporas, C. (2016) Continuities in Market Sensing. Market Sensing Today. New York, NY: Business Expert Press.

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Edited Books

Prince, M., & Priporas, C. (2016) Market Sensing Today (pp. 250). New York, NY: Business Expert Press.

Research in Progress

Elaboration Likelihood and Retail Buyer Persuasion (For Journal of Applied Psychology) with Kwak, Priporas An International Consumer Study of the Influence of Personal Values, [for Journal of International Marketing

Prince, Yaprak, Cleveland, Davies et al] Insights into Purchase Justification: An Exploratory Investigation of the Influence of Moral Foundations on Consumer Dispositions and Product Judgment [for Journal of Applied Psychology] Prosocial Applications of Regulatory Focus: Motivating Adherence to Medical Regimens [for Journal of Consumer Research] Performance of Organizational Buying Teams: A Meta-Analysis [for Industrial Marketing Management]