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All courses in the traditional MBA program are offered one night a week and held within a 5:00-7:30 p.m. or 7:35-10:05 p.m. time period. Students can pursue the program as intensively as they choose. There are also Saturday courses, as well as on-line courses, in addition to the regular course offerings. MBA courses are open only to those students matriculated into the MBA program or by permission of the MBA Director.

To search the current course schedule or find a complete list of courses offered by the MBA Department in the graduate catalog, which is available online.

If you started prior to Fall 2015 please click on the Catalog Archives and and go to the catalog for the date of the semester you entered SCSU. 

First Year-Foundation Courses

   MBA 500 - Management Process

   MBA 501 - Micro-Macro Economics

   MBA 502 - Statistical Decision Making

   MBA 503 - Managerial Finance

   MBA 504 - Organizational Behavior

   MBA 505 - Marketing Management

   MBA 506 - Financial and Managerial Accounting

   MBA 507 - Legal Issues in Business and Management

Second Year-Advanced Courses

   Option Course I

   Option Course II

   Option Course III

  MBA 542 -  Seminar in Global Business

   MBA 548 - Operations Management

   MBA 552 - Seminar in Strategic Management

   MBA 562 - Seminar in Business Planning

   MBA 565 - Business & Society

   MBA 595 - Research Project Seminar