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Sit for Autism Training Program

Sit for Autism is a training program originally conceived and developed by a graduate student in the masters in Special Education program at SCSU (with a concentration in Autism) and then further developed by the staff in the Center of Excellence on Autism Spectrum Disorders.  The purpose of the program is to provide training for individuals who babysit or care for children on the spectrum. The program focuses on increasing a caregivers knowledge of the characteristics of autism and developing their skill in implementing strategies that can be used while sitting for an individual on the spectrum. Topics covered during the course of the training session include: characteristics of autism, five visual support strategies and a detailed SIT preparation booklet. Each participant leaves the workshop with a "Sit Kit", a package of pre-made strategies and materials that can be used immediately in the home setting.

Spring 2016 Sit for Autism Trainings:                                                                                                                                    April 14, 2016 - Killingly Public Library, 25 Wescott Road, Danielson - Click here for flyer!                                 April 26, 2016 - Newtown Youth & Family Services, 15 Berkshire Rd, Sandy Hook - Click here for flyer!             April 28, 2016 - The Learning Center of Adelbrook, 42 Prospect Street, Manchester- Click here for flyer!     May 4, 2016 - L&M Hospital, 365 Montauk Avenue, New London - Click here for flyer!          Click here f                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Fall 2015 Sit for Autism Calendar:                                                                                                                                       December 08, 2015 - Windermere School, Ellington
October 20, 2015 - South End Elementary School, Plantsville                                                                                   November 12, 2015 - The Children’s Community Programs of CT-Nurturing Family Networks, New Haven       

Spring 2015 Sit for Autism Calendar:                                                                                                                             March 17, 2015 - Generations, Willimantic (Spanish Interpreter Available)                                                     March 24, 2015 - Judah House, Hartford                                                                                                                   March 28, 2015 - The Kennedy Center, Stratford                                                                                                             March 31, 2015 - Generations, Killingly Library, Danielson                                                                                              April 9, 2015 - ASRC, Wallingford                                                                                                                                   April 27, 2015  - YMCA, Naugatuck                                                                                                                                   May 19, 2015  -Generations, Willimantic