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Clincial Experience Overview information - Spring 2014

Clincial Experience Orientation & Information Meetings - Spring 2014

Clinical field experiences are an essential component of the teacher education program. All students seeking initial certification and most students enrolled in cross endorsement programs will participate in clinical field experiences. Clinical field experiences include clinical field placements (pre student teaching) and student teaching placements. The Office of Clinical Field Experiences and School of Education Student Services administers and/or supports students seeking and completing placements required by their academic program.

Clinical experiences are a unique learning opportunity for preparing educators to have exposure to school settings, professional educators, and school children during their academic program. These opportunities are available to SCSU students through partnerships that the School of Education has established with area school districts. This reciprocal relationship allows our students to benefit from these experiences and school district staff and students to have opportunities to interact with SCSU students . It is because of this relationship that the University expects students to treat their clinical experience opportunities with respect.

The State of Connecticut, National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), and the SCSU School of Education has established parameters by which students participate in clinical field experiences. Please note the following as you prepare for your clinical field experiences.

Clinical Field Experience Placement Request
The Office of Clinical Field Experiences and School of Education Student Services is available to assist students with initiating a request to a school district for a clinical field placement. The request is available in Tk20 (our online request system). Students making a request in TK20 should NOT use a paid account but should follow the directions provided in the Quick Guide for Creating a Clinical Field Experience

FAQ: Clinical Field Experiences  
This is an overview of commonly asked questions regarding clinical field experiences. Please contact the Office of Clinical Field Experience if we have not answered your question here.

Clinical Field Experience Orientations 
 Check here for a listing of orientations offered at the beginning of each semester for students enrolled in their first clinical field experience course. Each orientation will provide an overview of the clinical field experience and the requirements and expectations for teacher education candidates. 

Background and Fingerprint Check Requirements
All students participating in clinical field experiences who will be interacting with school age children are required to complete a background/fingerprint check AND have a valid receipt on file with the School of Education. Please direct any questions regarding requirements to the Office of Clinical Field Experiences and School of Education Student Services.
Clinical Field Experience Handbook
This document is currently under review and will be available at a later date. We apologize for the inconvenience.