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CSP Technology Committee

Part of our work as the Technology Committee is to provide support and resources to students and faculty that are applicable to the learning environment, or in our work as counselors and school psychologists. On this page, we post links to these resources!

App of the month

Virtual Hope Box

Virtual Hope Box
This App was designed for use with persons diagnosed with PTSD, but can be applied to many conditions. It is an exceptional tool to use with clients who are struggling. The virtual hope box has built-in coping tools for use when a person becomes triggered or is experiencing distress. The person can program in pictures in the "Remind Me" section which will play in a slideshow to help the person remember why they are working to heal. There is a "Distract Me" section with simple games, "Inspire Me" with inspirational quotes, "Relax Me" with guided meditations, and a space to have virtual coping cards and activity planner. It also allows the user to program emergency numbers in when they need help. Free. Read more and download it here.

Previous Month's Suggestions:




This App helps to teach seamless and continuous self-care. You program in acts of self-care, as well as how often you would like to do them. You can use existing suggestions, such as take a deep breath, meditate, be thankful, watch a TED talk, work out, go for a walk, or program your own activity. Easy to use, sends you reminders to practice self-care throughout the day, and tracks your balance from day to day. There is an apple version only. Free with upgrade for $3.99. Read more and download it here.



Tech_App_StopStop, Breathe, & Think
This App is for teaching mindfulness and practicing meditations, appropriate to middle-school aged children and beyond. It teaches users to do a quick self-scan and then to choose a desired guided visualization and meditation. including: mindful breathing, body scan, engaging your senses, being present, gratitude, compassion, and grounding, to name a few. The user can choose the length of time they would like to do the meditation. This app is great for use with clients, as well as for our own self care! There is an apple, android, and web-based version! Free. Read more and download it here.





Technology For Clinical Mental Health Counselors


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Technology For School Counselors and School Psychologists

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Technology For teaching faculty

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Technology For Students

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