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Superintendent (093) Certification Program


The Superintendent of Schools (093) Certification Program is designed to produce highly competent superintendents who are able to provide vision and leadership to public school districts, to exercise skill in leading people and managing resources, and to support the most effective evidence-based educational practices and uphold the highest educational and professional standards.  


The program consists of 21 credits (7 courses) and generally takes two to  two and one half years to complete.  Courses are offered during the academic year and the summer.  Courses are offered on the SCSU campus and also in certain districts through our "cohort" programs.  Students in this program may choose to also obtain a Sixth Year Professional Diploma by taking an additional 9 credits (3 courses).

Program Requirements

The Superintendent of Schools (093) Certification Program consists of 21 credits (7 courses) and other requirements as follows: 

  • EDL 692-Educational Policy and the Law

  • EDL 687-Internship I

  • EDL 688-Internship II

  • EDL 686-District-Level Instructional Leadership

  • RSM 598-Evaluation of Programs and Personnel

  • EDL 661-The Politics of School Administration

  • EDL 663-Educational Planning

  • EDL 689-Seminar in Leadership and Supervision

The program generally takes two to two and one half years to complete, and many courses are offered during the summer sessions as well as during the Fall and Spring semesters. Once finished with all requirements, students may submit a certification packet to the State with our Department's recommendation.  Students are guided through this process by our faculty and staff. 

Superintendent of Schools (093) Certification as a Gateway to Other Educational Options

As students work through their Superintendent of Schools (093) Certification program, they may want to consider continuing their education through the following other options:

  • Enroll in the Ed.D./Doctoral Program