Doctoral Dissertations

Exploring the five phases of physical therapist professional development advanced by the clinical doctorate degree
Salome V. Brooks, 2011 -- Sponsor: David Squires

Biology teachers' dissection practices and the influences that lead to their adoption: An exploratory research
Regina Nicole Milano, 2010 -- Sponsor: Lystra Richardson

An examination of student and taxpayer equity resulting from the implementation of Connecticut's Education Cost Sharing Program
Kenneth Imperato, 2010 -- Sponsor: Peter Madonia

Challenges encountered by Connecticut partner school districts when implementing legislatively required District Improvement Plans: An exploratory study
Meghan G. Martins, 2010 -- Sponsor: William Diffley

An evaluation of the Connecticut Scholars Program
Michelle Sherban-Kline 2010 -- Sponsor: William Diffley

The impact of a reading initiative on students' early reading development K--3: A case study
Iline P. Tracey, 2009 -- Sponsor: Lystra Richardson

Reducing test anxiety and improving academic performance in fourth grade students: Exploring an intervention
Jeanne M. Donato, 2009 -- Sponsor: Peter Madonia

The impact of middle school English as a second language programs on students' academic self-concept
Wendy S. Charbonneau, 2009 -- Sponsor: Gladys Labas

The relationship between the fidelity of project-based curriculum implementation and foreign language teachers' beliefs in teaching and learning
Karen de Fur, 2009 -- Sponsor: Gladys Labas

An examination of the relationship among teacher and student variables that impact longitudinal progress in primary grade reading achievement
Greg J. Florio, 2008 -- Sponsor: Peter Madonia

Sexual expression and intellectual disability in Connecticut: A qualitative description of staff practices
John Darrett Allen, 2008 -- Sponsor: Cathryn Magno

Self-efficacy for science: An investigation of middle school students' self-efficacy and science achievement
Adam Rosen, 2008 -- Sponsor: David Squires

Immigrant students in public schools: To what extent do school leaders recognize, promote, and utilize their cultural diversity?
Margo L. Schiff, 2008 -- Sponsor: Cathryn Magno

The relationship among cooperative education program participation, student grade point average and retention
Anthony Ciarleglio, 2008 -- Sponsor: William Diffley

The impact of teacher perceptions of school climate on student academic achievement
Jennifer Lynn Pompa, 2007 -- Sponsor: Brian Perkins

The relationship among administrators' views, school prevention and intervention practices, and student bullying behavior
Lynn Karen Cox, 2007 -- Sponsor: Brian Perkins

The effect of a piloted single-sex math class on student attitudes towards mathematics
Nicole E. Danishevsky, 2007 -- Sponsor: David Squires

The effects of teachers' examination of student work on professional learning
Robert Emmett Eberle, 2007 -- Sponsor: Gladys Labas

Principal leadership practices facilitating the implementation of differentiated instruction
Christine E. Rowe, 2007 -- Sponsor: Cathryn Magno

Analysis of an elementary school principal's actions during the implementation of a reading program
Immacula Didier, 2007 -- Sponsor: Pamela Brucker

A study of the relationship between headmasters' leadership behaviors and the organizational climate of independent schools as perceived by teachers
Hallie A. Buckingham, 2006 -- Sponsor: Brian Perkins

The effect of a piloted middle school pre-engineering program on girls' interest and achievement in mathematics
Linda S. Paslov, 2006 -- Sponsor: Cathryn Magno

Perceptions of school climate and self concept: An examination of selected social and emotional factors
Jason F. Tracy, 2006 -- Sponsor: Brian Perkins

Improving achievement of students at-risk of reading failure: An exploratory study of instructional leadership practices
Michelle Labrecque, 2006 -- Sponsor: Lystra Richardson

Inclusionary practices: Teachers' perceptions of effective strategies
Patricia Frageau, 2006 -- Sponsor: Brian Perkins

Technology-related professional development: Effective practices in a suburban Connecticut public high school
Russell J. Dallai, 2006 -- Sponsor: Cathryn Magno