Procedures and Forms

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For All Programs

SCSU Graduate School Application  

EDL Student Handbook

Request for Permission from EDL Chairperson
Intermediate Administrator (092) Certification Program


Internship Handbook

Internship for EDL 688 Video (2015)

Supporting information EDL 688 upload to TK20

Internship Powerpoint

Educational Leadership Self Inventory

Internship Report Form (Appendix G) 

Educational Technology Guidelines and Rubric

Special Education Approved Courses

Special Education Waiver Form

Request for Program Extension 

Application for Course Revalidation Form

Request for Program Extension Form

Procedure for Re-admission for a Student Dismissed from the Program


Ed.D./Doctoral Program

Doctoral Handbook (NEW! Jan 2016)

Applying to the ED.D. Program
         Graduate School Admissions Procedures

         Graduate School Application

 Ed.D. Curriculum Map - September 2015

Ed.D./Dissertation Defense Application Form

New Guidelines and Forms for Special Projects, Theses and Dissertations
         Dissertation Proposal Acceptance Form
         Dissertation Acceptance Form