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EDU 611 - Curriculum Development and Implementation of Theories in the Classroom
Demonstrations, lectures, workshops, learning centers, subject matter experts and assigned observations to enliven and enlarge the scope of the elementary curriculum.

EDU 612 - The Teaching-Learning Process: A Teacher's Perspective
Psychological attitudes and assumptions and how they affect an elementary teacher's classroom performance. Course relates each student's personal perspective to sound psychological practices and to the needs of the specific professional environment

EDU 613 - Diverse Classroom Models: Principles and Practices
Models of elementary teaching in current use, the patterns on which they are based, and the alternative strategies possible for improvement of teacher competencies.

EDU 618 - Field Study -- Applied Research
An opportunity for the teacher to engage in research for professional growth and self-improvement. (by arrangement)

EDU 619 - Seminar: Current Issues Affecting Classroom Teachers
Sharing of knowledge, a means of improving professional understanding concerning education. The student will contribute information on the procedures and/or findings of a field study. 

Working with a faculty adviser, each student selects an additional 15 credits.

Recognized for its versatility, the Classroom Teacher Specialist Program offers several special features.  Students in this program may choose one of these tracks for their electives:

  • Eclectic -- Five courses of students' choosing
  • Specialization -- Five courses in a specific content area
  • Cross-Endorsement -- Electives needed for cross endorsement

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