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Certification Plus Master's in Elementary Education - Internship Option


The Elementary Education Department has partnered with a local school district to provide an internship option for our Certification Plus Masters Program or Certification Only Program.

Students will intern in a local school district for a full academic year for which the local school district will pay two semesters of FULL TUITION.

Therefore, this option is a full time commitment; students must be full time students taking between 9 and 15 credits in fall and spring semester. Students will take courses during wintersession and summer sessions which are their financial responsibility.

This program will have a one-time pilot for Spring 2014 of ten students and after that enrollment will be for every fall semester beginning Fall 2014.

Students must have a 2.7 GPA, passed Praxis 1, completed all undergraduate requirements; ( 6 credits in English, Math, Natural Science, 3 credits in US History , Introductory Psychology or Sociology course, Fine Arts or Foreign Language and 3 credits in Child Development)

In addition students must complete SHE 203 prior to beginning the program.

The remaining coursework is the same as listed under the Certification Plus Master’s Program.

This program is pending approval. Please check back here for updates.


Dr. Christine Villani
Graduate Coordinator/Professor
Phone: 203-392-5343