Creating a Shared Vision

On Saturday, December 11, 2010, three practitioners worked with ILS faculty (CSKim, MBrown, JKusack, JLiu, YLiu, EOkobi), and Dean Sampson to analyze surveys and develop a shared Vision and Mission.

Earlier, 48 practitioners and alumni were asked to participate in a survey and follow-up workshop to create a shared vision and mission for the Master of Library Science program. Twenty practitioners and alumni took part in the survey.


To be the institution of choice in New England for preparing the next generation of diverse library and information professionals as visionary leaders in a rapidly evolving and technologically advanced environment.  (draft rev. 12.11.10)


To provide a quality, affordable education and training for generalists and specialists in the fields of library and information science, to serve primarily in academic libraries, public libraries, school media centers, and special libraries in Connecticut, New England, and broader, more diverse global communities.  (draft rev. 12.11.10) 


Students will be able to:

(draft rev. 3.4.11)

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We wish to thank all practitioners, alumni, and students who participated in the survey or follow-up workshop to create a shared vision for our MLS program. 

We welcome comments on the drafted vision and mission statements.

Please send any comments to ILS Department Chairperson Hak Joon Kim,

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Last updated: October 30, 2013