student advisement


grad student working with childThe School Health Education Program advises students about the application procedures for the university. Students are informed of the three separate applications required for admission. These include the application to the School of Graduate Studies, the application to the School Health Program, and the application to the School of Education. Students are also informed of where and how to apply to take the Praxis I exam, how to properly prepare the essay, and are given the appropriate forms for the letters of recommendation. Students are also given a packet that includes all of the necessary forms and materials required to apply to the School of Education. This packet includes all six of the standards that must be met in order to complete the application process. At this time, an interview is also conducted between the prospective student and the coordinator of the department. Students are also advised to complete the application to the School of Graduate Studies and submit official transcripts.

Once all of the necessary materials are submitted for the application to the School of Education as well as the application to the School of Graduate Studies, the student will receive a letter of acceptance signed by both the School Health Education Program coordinator and the Exercise Science Department chairman. This letter, along with the completed forms (application to the School of Education, Praxis I scores, entrance essay, two letters of recommendation, a list of courses applicable to School Health Education, and the entrance interview) and the Planned Program of Study are forwarded to the School of Graduate Studies.

The School of Graduate Studies communicates with Kathy Mauro, director of student teaching in the School of Education, to review and provide final acceptance into the School of Education.

During this application process, the student, along with the adviser, plans a program of study. Once all of the application materials are complete and the Planned Program of Study is prepared, the adviser will continue to work with the student to ensure that he or she meets the requirements for student teaching.


Students who possess certification in at least one subject area also meet with the coordinator of the School Health Education Program. The coordinator provides information about the program and the application procedure for the School of Graduate Studies. Upon acceptance, all students meet again with the coordinator in order to complete a Planned Program of Study. For advisement, the students are then randomly divided between the coordinator and Dr. Suzanne Duke, who will serve them throughout their program. Each year approximately 20 - 25 students are assigned to each adviser.

Students may continue to meet routinely with their adviser to discuss course enrollment for the upcoming semester, the university requirements for graduation, and the special project.