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Mission Statement

The School of Education is a professional school whose mission is to develop outstanding educators who are grounded in scholarship, possess attitudes and dispositions that reflect a devotion to teaching and learning, have the personal and professional integrity to value themselves and others, who have the leadership skills to promote continuous improvement of the educational systems in which they work, and demonstrate commitment and responsibility to the communities in which they live.

The school is committed to fulfilling the following major functions: (1) maintaining quality, state-of-the-art undergraduate and graduate professional preparation opportunities for teachers, administrators, counselors, school service personnel, and others in education related positions; (2) providing programs and services that enable inservice professionals to acquire additional preparation necessary for continuous professional growth and/or changing career objectives; (3) collaborating with school personnel, educational agencies, professional groups and others interested in the improvement of educational opportunities; and (4) promoting and conducting research directed toward improving the theory and practice of teaching.

The guiding principles of practice of the School of Education at Southern Connecticut State University are based upon a fundamental concept that individuals can influence both their future and the future of society through a lifelong commitment to learning. The freedom to survive and to make choices about one's position in life is dependent on the ability to adapt to changing conditions without losing the essence of self. This includes a belief that no matter what position in life one currently occupies, it is possible to improve or find greater self-fulfillment if one desires to do so.