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Department of Communication Disorders personnel includes nine full-time Ph.D.-level faculty and five permanent professional staff, including a full-time clinical director and four clinical supervisors. In addition, adjunct professors from the local clinical community assist in teaching academic courses and providing clinical supervision. All faculty and professional staff are licensed by the state of Connecticut and hold American Speech-Language-Hearing Association clinical certification. A listing of full-time faculty,  professional staff, and long-term adjuncts with their respective roles and interests follows.


 Barbara Cook 2016

Barbara Cook, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor

Language development and disorders, autism and developmental disabilities, social communication assessment and intervention, augmentative and alternative communication, and transdisciplinary collaboration for diagnosis and intervention.

Glenda DeJarnette 2016


Glenda DeJarnette, Ph.D.


Multicultural considerations in communication disorders, language 
development and disorders, neuromotor speech control and development

James Dempsey


James J. Dempsey, Ph.D.

Audiology Clinic Coordinator

Amplification systems, aural rehabilitation, diagnostic audiology

 Hillary Harper

Hillary V. Harper, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Curriculum Vitae

Child language disorders, emergent language and literacy, perceptions
of disability

 Kelly Mabry

Kelly Mabry, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Undergraduate Advisor

Craniofacial disorders, medical genetics, voice & velopharyngeal function 

 Jennifer McCullagh

Jennifer McCullagh, Au.D., Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Curriculum Vitae
Chairperson, Admissions Committee

Central auditory processing disorders, auditory electrophysiology, diagnostic audiology in pediatric and adult populations 

Mary Purdy 2016

Mary Purdy, Ph.D.

Graduate Program Director
Graduate Advisor
Curriculum Vitae

Assessment and rehabilitation of adult neurogenic communication disorders,
swallowing disorders

 Sujini Ramachandar 2016

Sujini Ramachandar, M.S.

Assistant Professor

Fluency disorders, Neural underpinnings of speech perception and production,
Senorimotor Integration of speech production, Telepractice

 Heather Warner

Heather Warner, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Curriculum Vitae

Adult neurogenic disorders, swallowing disorders, medical speech-language pathology, trans-disciplinary rehabilitation

Deborah Weiss 2016

Deborah Weiss, Ph.D.

Departmental Chairperson

Multilingual/multicultural curricular issues, language assessment/dynamic assessment of bilingual children, oral and written language disorders, curricular issues

Richard Zipoli

Richard Zipoli, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Curriculum Vitae

Developmental language disorders, reading disabilities, phonological and motor speech disorders, and service delivery in high-need schools

 Professional Staff

Michele Abrams 2016

Michele Abrams, Au.D.

Clinical Instructor, Audiology; Coordinator, Southern Connecticut Audiology Services

Adult and pediatric diagnostic audiology, amplification systems, aural rehabiliaton

 Lisa Barber 2016

Lisa Barber, M.S.

Clinical Instructor, Speech-Language Pathology, Fluency, Child Language, Phonological Disorders


 Mary Crean 2016

Mary Crean, M.S.

Clinical Instructor, Speech-Language Pathology

Neurogenic Communication Disorders, Voice, School-Aged Language


 Jane Hindenlang

Jane Hindenlang, M.S.

Clinical Instructor, Speech-Language Pathology; Coordinator, Access Network

Neurogenic communication disorders, child language and phonology, augmentative and alternative communication

Kevin McNamara 2016

Kevin M. McNamara, M.A.

Clinic Director
Curriculum Vitae

Developmental language, articulation and phonology, diagnostic assessment, , developmental disabilities

 Denise Rini

Denise Rini, M.A.

Clinical Instructor, Emerita
Speech-Language Pathology

Adjunct Faculty

 Joan Black

 Joan Black, M.S.

Clinical Instructor, Speech-Language Pathology

Child and Adolescent Language, Phonology


 Shawneen Buckley 2016

Shawneen Buckley, M.S.

Clinical Instructor, Speech-Language Pathology

Advanced Clinical Practicum Coordinator

Sherrill Ellis

Sherrill Ellis, M.Ed.

Clinical Instructor, Speech-Language Pathology

Child language, articulation, phonology and literacy  

 Deborah Lanza

Deborah Lanza, M.S.

Clinical Instructor, Speech-Language Pathology

Adult neurogenic communication disorders, child language, articulation, phonology

Marion Leaman

Marion Leaman, M.S.

Clinical Instructor, Speech-Language Pathology

Adult neurogenic communication disorders,  swallowing disorders 

 Ronda Merriman

Ronda Gaita Merriman, M.S.

Clinical Instructor, Speech-Language Pathology

Child and Adolescent Language, Language/literacy, Phonology

 Sarah Moon

Sarah Moon, M.S.

Clinical Instructor, Speech-Language Pathology

Co-Coordinator, Off-Campus School-Based Practicum

 Debra Sokol

Debora Sokol, 6th. Year

Clinical Instructor, Speech-Language Pathology

Early Child Language, Articulation

 Meghan Weinberger

Meghan Weinberger, M.S.

Clinical Instructor, Speech-Language Pathology

Child and Adolescent Language, Phonology, Accent Reduction

Office Personnel


Patricia McMahon 2016

Patricia McMahon, A.S.

Secretary 2