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Dear Prospective Athletic Training Student:

Thank you for your interest in the Southern Connecticut State University Athletic Training Program. Your interest in athletic training comes at a very exciting time professionally. Athletic trainers have gone beyond the traditional athletic setting. Athletic trainers can be found working with performing arts like the Cirque Soleil, with the military during combat training and at the corporate level to prevent injury and hopefully drive down the cost of healthcare which is hurting us nationally.

I hope that you will find the information helpful. We have a very strong program which has produced excellent athletic trainers and other allied care professionals. Our curriculum extends over the student's entire four years and is designed to teach and reinforce the knowledge and techniques of the athletic trainer. Many courses have laboratory components and are taught by the same people who provide athletic injury care to our varsity athletes. At Southern, you learn from practitioners who have a over 60 years of combined and continuing clinical experience. Clinically, we offer outstanding opportunities for direct hands-on learning with collegiate athletes in one of the top Division II athletic programs in the Northeast and at several off-campus sites. We expect our students to demonstrate their skills outside of the classroom, in a real working environment and we provide the opportunity to do it.

Of course any measure of an academic program is the success of its students. In our more than 20 years as an accredited program, we have placed students across the United States with most in our own Connecticut . Several students have gone on to graduate studies on full graduate assistantships as far west as the University of Hawaii, as far south as the University of Florida and LSU, as far north as Minnesota State-Mankato and all along the east coast. Over the last 5 years, Southern students have won national awards and scholarships, have been selected to give presentations at state, regional and national symposiums, and gone on to solid professional careers.

The main emphasis of our program is to develop strong clinicians, while providing opportunities to conduct research and develop professionally. In these tough economic times, we offer a solid education at an affordable price. If you have not already done so, I invite you to contact me to schedule a visit to our campus. You can tour our expanding campus and facilities with one of our Athletic Training students, sit in our academic classes, and meet with me or one of my colleagues. You might also like to visit Southern's Web site. We would certainly appreciate the opportunity to assist you with the difficult task of choosing the right educational program, and to be involved in your professional preparation. Again, thank you for visiting our site, and good luck with your search!

Gary E. Morin Ph.D., ATC
Director, Athletic Training Education Program
(203) 392-6089