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Independent Study


According to the graduate catalog, only matriculated students who have completed at least 9 credits of graduate work and have attained at least a "B" (3.0) average are eligible for independent study.  However, the Exercise Science Faculty strongly encourage its students to complete their Independent Study during the last one quarter of their coursework.  The application form, which outlines policies and guidelines, is available in the Graduate Studies Office (EN 118) or with the Exercise Science Graduate Coordinator. A completed form must be presented to the Registrar's Office and entered into the course schedule before a student can register for Independent Study.

The Independent Study process and form need further explanation. 

The student must begin thinking about the topic of him/her Independent Study no less than one semester before enrollment is to occur. Moreover, the student must make an appointment with an Exercise Science faculty member whom the student thinks has the expertise and interest to guide him/her through the project. The appointment discussion will be centered around but not limited to: Title of the Study, Justification for Independent Study Format, and Study Description. 

The student must spend time doing background research on the intended Independent Study and an annotated bibliography must be developed. This bibliography will be included with Independent Study Application form prior to obtaining the signatures of the Study Director, Graduate Program Advisor, and Department Chairperson. 

The student should prepare a draft of the Independent Study Description for the Study Director (advisor) to read prior to the final typewritten form is prepared for signatures. The final Application form must include a clearly stated title, justification for independent study, study description (may be attached), and an annotated bibliography. 

The student and the Independent Study advisor will determine the frequency of meetings and the nature of the evaluation for the course. 

To receive a grade for the course in the semester registered, all coursework must be completed in the same timeframe as a "traditional" course.