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Human Performance Laboratory

The human performance laboratory, located on the track level of the Moore Field House, offers numerous fitness, performance, and functionality assessments to members of the SCSU community. The lab is staffed daily from 9:00-5:00 pm .  Assessment appointments are scheduled 24 hours in advance.  Please call the lab at (203) 392-6039 to schedule an assessment.  See below for details. 

Assessment: Hydrostatic Weighing

Description: Body composition determined by underwater weighing and lung volume determination. 
$10   Student                                                    $12   Graduate Student                                                                        
$15   Alumni                                                      $28   Staff                                                                                          
$35   General Public

hydrostatic weighinghydrostatic weighing

Assessment: Skinfold Measurement

Description: Body composition determined with calipers measuring skinfold thickness.
$5      Student                                                  $8   Graduate Student                                                                     
$10   Alumni                                                   $15   Staff                                                                                         
$20   General Public

skinfold assessment

Assessment: Submax Bike Test

Description: An estimation of cardiovascular fitness using the YMCA protocol. Submaximal effort by the participant.
$10   Student                                                 $15   Graduate Student                           
$17   Alumni                                                   $30   Staff                                                                                           
$65   General Public 

Assessment: Wingate Bike Test

Description: A direct determination of maximal anaerobic power on a stationary bike. Maximal effort by the participant.
$15   Student                                                  $18   Graduate Student                                                                      
$20  Alumni                                                   $25   Staff                                                                                         
$50   General Public

bike test

Assessment: Graded Exercise Test with 12-Lead EKG

Description: Cardiovascular evaluation with electrocardiogram function while exercising. Maximal effort by participant.
$50    Student                                                 $60    Graduate Student                                                                     
$75     Alumni                                                   $105 Staff                                                                                  
$180  General Public

Assessment: Isokinetic Strength Test and Exercise

Description: Use of the Biodex machine to measure muscle strength, range of motion, power, and injury rehabilitation progress. Available for several joint motions.
Price: Based on competitive insurance rates.


Assessment: Maximal Oxygen Consumption (VO2max)

Description: A direct, cardiorespiratory measurement of maximal oxygen consumption (aerobic power) while exercising. Maximal effort by the participant.
$65      Student                                          $100   Graduate Student                                
$140   Alumni                                            $190   Staff                                                
$250  General Public

Assessment: Exercise Prescription

Description: A program designed to elicit individual goals, based on the results of the fitness assessment.
$15   Student                                            $18   Graduate Student
$20   Alumni                                            $25   Staff                                                                                        
$45   General Public

Assessment: Comprehensive Physical Fitness Package

Description: Includes a body composition test, submax bike test, and exercise prescription.
$50    Student                                          $80   Graduate Student
$110   Alumni                                            $150   Staff                                                                                       
$170   General Public

oxygen test