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Human Performance

The faculty of the Exercise Science - Human Performance major provide students with classroom and practical knowledge and skill sets for careers in the health, wellness, and performance fields such as personal training; corporate wellness; strength and conditioning coaching; clinical environments (cardiac or pulmonary rehabilitation; elder care rehabilitation); research lab positions in sports physiology, environmental physiology, sports nutrition, and endocrinology; and graduate school in kinesiology/exercise science, physical therapy, and occupational therapy.   In order to attract and hold a superior quality of major students, the faculty of the Exercise Science Department has established minimum admission and retention standards for all students who desire to major in Exercise Science - Human Performance.

During the first two years of study, students majoring in Exercise Science - Human Performance must satisfactorily complete core coursework to be considered for acceptance into the Human Performance program. During the second semester of the sophomore year, the student must formally apply for admission into the Human Performance program.  Transfer students should make this application during their first semester at Southern.  Application forms will be distributed to students in one of their classes, from the department, or by using the copy found in the Human Performance Handbook found on the web site.


William R. Lunn, Ph.D., Program Coordinator
Human Performance Program
Exercise Science Department
Southern Connecticut State University
James Moore Field House
Human Performance Laboratory
125 Wintergreen Ave.
New Haven, CT 06515
Telephone: (203) 392-6129
Fax: (203) 392-6093