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Our Mission

school health educationThe mission of the School Health Program is the development of the content, skills, and pedagogy in order to prepare individuals to teach health education in grades Pre-K - 12 and to develop, assess, implement, and evaluate school health programs within communities. This mission is threefold:

  1. To provide learning experiences which culminate in the skills and ability to develop and teach quality health education programs for grades Pre-K - 12.
  2. To provide instruction in the content, methods, and resources leading to Connecticut State Certification in Health Education, grades Pre-K - 12.
  3. To provide the essential advisement and course work leading to the Master of Science degree in school health education.

To complete this mission, the School Health Program provides quality instructors with the most current information, techniques, methods, and materials in school health. Graduates of the program should be able to understand, appreciate, and envision past, present, and future modalities that are effective in educating and motivating people to live in healthy ways. They should also be able to know and teach toward the goals mandated by the Connecticut State Department of Education for School Health.