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Student Teaching

A student that is seeking the initial teacher certification will enroll in EDU 300 and EDU 400 (12 credit hours), which are the two student teaching courses. Students will student teach their last semester full-time in either the fall or spring semester. The student will complete one eight-week session in a K-8 school or middle school and one eight-week session in a high school. The health education certification is for K-12. You will be supervisored by a faculty member from the School Health Education Program and the supervising teacher at the schools to which you are assigned.

The semester prior to student teaching, complete the student teaching application and attend one meeting with the director of student teaching, Mrs. Kathleen Mauro. You may obtain the application from the coordinator of School Health Education, Dr. Doris M. Marino. During the semester of student teaching, it is recommended that the student not work or take courses, because student teaching is a full-time job. As a student teacher you will attend all the activities of the teacher in your school, including the open house and teacher conferences.

Please direct all questions about placement, application for student teaching, and attendance to the meeting to Dr. Bonnie Edmondson.