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Department Goals and Student Learning Outcomes

Based on the vision and mission statements, the department has identified the following program goals:

  •     Integrate best practices in nursing education to promote student success

  •     Prepare graduates to provide safe, evidence-based, patient-centered care that reflects ethical clinical judgment and inter-professional collaboration

  •     Participate in the delivery of care within a variety of environments with the goal of reducing health disparities

  •     Use the latest technological innovations to enhance access to our programs

  •     Offer innovative programs of study that are responsive to the changes in the health care environment

  •     Cultivate in students an intellectual desire for advanced study and inquiry

  •     Contribute to the profession of nursing by engaging in leadership, scholarship, and practice activities


Based on the program's vision, mission, and philosophy and the standards set forth by professional nursing organizations, the faculty have identified the following end-of-program objectives:

  •     Use nursing theory and specialized knowledge in the functional roles of Nurse Educator, Family Nurse Practitioner, or Clinical Nurse Leader

  •     Synthesize concepts from nursing, education, and other disciplines to influence professional practice

  •     Provide leadership within nursing and the health care delivery system for the improvement of client care

  •     Conduct and/or use research which contributes to the development of the discipline of nursing

  •     Continue professional growth through continuing education, specialty certification, and/or doctoral study in nursing