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Family Nurse Practitioner PrograM

Nurses who hold a bachelor's degree in nursing (BSN) are eligible to apply to the FNP program to receive a Master's of Science in Nursing. Currently, students take 24 credits worth of core courses, 18 credits in the specialization of FNP (3 courses), and either 6 credits for a thesis or 3 credits for a special project. Consideration will be given for the transfer of some credits for graduate core courses that have been taken elsewhere.  The 3 specialization courses require 16 hours of clinical practice each week during the semester, in addition to classroom time. The student and faculty work together to locate a suitable and appropriate clinical site and preceptor for each student.  A total of 660 clinical hours is required to graduate from the FNP program.  These hours include practice in women's health, pediatrics, family practice and internal medicine.  

Candidates must comply with the Department of Nursing requirements by providing and maintaining current health records, CPR and CT RN license.

For further information please contact Dr Cynthia O'Sullivan at (203) 392-6486. Please also review the Program of Study.

To apply for the MSN FNP track please visit the Graduate Admissions website.



February 2017