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"Nursing is an art; and if it is to be made an art it requires as exclusive a devotion, as hard a preparation as any painter's or sculptor's work; for what is the having to do with dead canvas or cold marble compared with having to do with the human body." (Florence Nightingale)

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A direct admit pre-nursing student is defined as an individual who was admitted to the nursing program directly from high school. Direct Admit students receive a letter of admission from the Department Chairperson prior to the start of their studies at SCSU.  A Direct Admit student will not have to apply to the nursing program to begin the nursing curriculum within their junior year.  Direct admit students are referred to as "direct admits."

A traditional pre-nursing student is defined as an individual who is admitted to the university, has an interest in pursuing nursing at Southern as a major, meets pre-nursing eligibility requirements, but is not yet admitted to the nursing program at Southern.  Traditional pre-nursing students are referred to as "pre-nursing." 

This page is designed for students interested in the traditional 4 year BSN program. 


Pre-Nursing Eligibility

Acceptance into the nursing program is highly competitive.  Qualified students may not be accepted due to program capacity.  There are more than 150 pre-nursing students a year who meet the minimum application requirements, but due to limited seats available within the nursing program, only 45-60 students are admitted from those who apply each year.  

It is nearly impossible for students who fail to meet the minimum nursing application requirements within their first 24 college credits to be admitted to the traditional BSN program.  For this reason, students are exposed to exploring options within their second semester in the event they no longer qualify for pre-nursing advisement after completing at least 24 college credits.  Please see the link below for more information on pre-nursing eligibility requirements.

Pre-Nursing Eligibility Requirements




Academic advisement is required prior to registration each semester to ensure students are registering for the correct courses, are familiar with on-campus resources and university policies that pertain to academic success, and understand program requirements, expectations and deadlines.  Due to the competitiveness of the program, advisement also includes exploring alternative options. 

Since traditional pre-nursing students are not able to declare nursing as a major unless admitted to the nursing program, pre-nursing students will be advised by professional advisors.

If you have any questions, please contact Angela Ruggiero at

*If you are not yet a Southern student and would like to schedule an appointment with a transfer student advisor, please contact Academic Advising at 203-392-5367.  

Advisement Information

1st Semester Direct Admit Freshmen Students will be advised by their assigned nursing faculty advisor.

1st Semester Freshmen Students are required to attend ONE group session.  Due to limited space, students must register for one of the available sessions listed in the RSVP form below.  Email addresses must be entered correctly to receive detailed information, which will include how to reschedule.  RSVP FORM 

Students who are Eligible to Apply to the nursing program this year are required to attend ONE group BSN application information session and will be emailed their PIN after attending the session.  Information about the application process, requirements, TEAS exam, and deadlines will be provided at the session by the Nursing Information & Program Admissions Coordinator.  Students must register for one of the available sessions listed in the RSVP form below.  Email addresses must be entered correctly to receive detailed information, which will include how to reschedule. *Please note that new fall 2018 transfer students will also be required to schedule an individual advising appointment and will receive their PIN to register for spring courses at the end of the appointment.  RSVP FORM

All New Fall 2018 Pre-Nursing Transfer Students will be emailed a link to schedule an individualized advising appointment no matter where you are in your nursing journey. 

Direct Admit Sophomore Students will receive an email invitation to schedule their individual appointments with the Angela. 

Ineligible Pre-Nursing Students will receive notification and advisement information via email. Students who are likely to meet nursing application requirements after this semester should attend the application information session listed above, but will be required to attend an individual advisement appointment as outlined in the email notification that will be sent.

Any Pre-Nursing Student Not Listed Above (including those who are taking a leave of absence this semester or have been recently readmitted) should email Angela for advisement information.

Students having any issue or concern are encouraged to email Angela to request an individual appointment.  Depending on the question and overall pre-nursing advisement plan, an appointment may not be necessary. 

Preparing for Advisement - REQUIRED

Additional information and resources


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