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Registration Information

  • Undergraduates register for:
    PCH 490-01 - "Health Studies Abroad"
    (6 Undergraduate Credits)
  • Graduate Students register for:
    PCH 570-01 - "International Field Studies in Health" 
    (6 Graduate Credits)

 Registration is by Department Permission, obtained from Dr. Faraclas. Space is limited.

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Tentative Costs


  • $2,797 for Undergraduates (for 6 credits) + $55 registration fee
  • $3,523 for Graduate Students (for 6 credits) + $55 registration fee

Tuition is paid directly to the SCSU Registrar, Wintergreen Building.

TRIP FEE:         

  • $2,400 (Subject to change)    

Expenses covered by the trip fee include airfares and other transportation costs, lodging and visits/tours.