graduate course rEQUIREMENTS


REC 570
Foundations of Leisure and Recreation - 3 credits

REC 574 Park and Recreation Management - 3 credits

REC 575 Operational Research in Recreation - 3 credits

REC 577 Leadership and Supervision in Leisure Services - 3 credits 

Area of specialization - 15 credits

Recreation Administration:

REC 441 Design and Administration of Therapeutic RecreationServices

REC 572
Planning and Development of Recreation Programs and Leisure Services - 3 credits

REC 573 Seminar in Recreation Administration - 3 credits

REC 557 Emerging Legal Issues in Recreation and Leisure Studies - 3 credits

REC 576 Designs for Park and Recreation Facilities - 3 credits

Therapeutic Recreation:

REC 534 Advanced Practice in Therapeutic Recreation Programming - 3 credits

REC 581 Seminar in Therapeutic Recreation Service - 3 credits

REC 585 Clinical Aspects of Therapeutic Recreation - 3 credits

REC 391 Interventions and Facilitation Techniques in Therapeutic Recreation - 3 credits

departmental electives - minimum 6 -12 credits

REC 533
Socio-Leisure Needs of Individuals with Disabilities

REC 561 Outdoor Recreation Resource Management

REC 571 Recreation Needs and Interests in Society

REC 583 Practicum in Park and Recreation Service

REC 584 Leisure Education

REC 587 Recreation Education Curriculum Development

REC 588 Innovation in Recreation Education

REC 599 Grantsmanship

REC 600 Directed Independent Study

Culminating Experience

    In lieu of the thesis, the student takes two additional courses in the area of specialization and must pass the following comprehensive examinations:

    Exam A - An essay examination.
    The student is presented with a series of questions, from which s/he chooses three to fully develop.

    Exam B - An oral exam.
    Conducted by two or three professors from the Recreation and Leisure Studies Department.

    Alternatively, the student may take the two additional courses in the area of specialization and complete the special project - a project or real-life type examination. The idea is to offer students a practical, relevant, and meaningful choice. 


    The Thesis Seminar (REC 590) and Thesis - 6 credits
    This program is designed for the student who eventually plans to acquire an Ed.D. or Ph.D. in order to teach in a college or university, or to pursue a career in recreation and leisure research, or to be eligible for high state and federal supervisory positions


For full course descriptions, please see the Graduate Catalog published each year. 

For additional information on the master's degree in Recreation and Leisure Studies, contact Dr. Jan Jones, Graduate Coordinator, at (203) 392-8837.