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Tourism, Hospitality, and Event Management

When you choose to focus your Recreation & Leisure Studies degree in Tourism, Hospitality, & Event Management (THEM), you are preparing yourself to work in one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the world. These industries operate worldwide in exciting work environments and provide unique employment opportunities in Connecticut and across the globe. The travel and tourism industry employs over 64,000 people in the state of Connecticut.

In the program, students acquire the event planning, leadership, promotion and management skills necessary for an exciting career in the tourism, hospitality and event management industries. You'll be amazed at the things you can do and the places your degree can take you!


The Tourism, Hospitality, & Event Management Industry is the fastest growing in the world, with a career track that is unique for everyone. Students who prepare themselves through education and internship experience and maintain a high motivation are able to build a professional résumé  that is desirable in a global, professional marketplace.

Global opportunities

SCSU students have traveled the world, applying their talents and skills in private, local, and federal sectors. From planning weddings to developing the tourism plan for national parks and managing sporting events, SCSU students have proven themselves to be savvy and skilled at practically applying their educations.

Professional networking

SCSU faculty help students build a professional network and offers career guidance throughout the course of undergraduate study. 

Practical learning

Two internships will help students appreciate the philosophy of THEM while fostering a hands-on set of skills that make students transition into the workforce seamless.

Fast Facts

  • Tourism in Connecticut is a $4 billion-a-year business
  • Connecticut’s tourism labor force represents 110,000 jobs or 6.5% of the total jobs in the State
  • The tourism industry was the second leading job generator during 2013, and was up 3.3% from prior years
  • Tourism was the only major industry sector to experience faster employment growth in 2012 than in 2011
  • 1.2 million jobs supported by international travelers
  • International tourist arrivals grew by 5% in 2013 to 1.087 billion, a 5% increase in 2013 from prior years
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Department: Recreation, Tourism, & Sport Management

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Recreation & Leisure Studies - Tourism, Hospitality, & Event Management concentration

More info: If you're considering declaring this major, contact Dr. Lee deLisle to get started.