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Sport Management Advisory Board - Mike Palisi

Mike Palisi is the Executive Vice President for Collegiate Services at Van Wagner Sports and Entertainment. Van Wagner Sports & Entertainment has been connecting brands to sports for over twenty years. Their parent company, Van Wagner Group, was the largest privately held out-of-home advertising company in the country, responsible for transforming Time Square and creating some of the most memorable advertising in the world. When Van Wagner first entered the sports landscape, they used their outdoor creativity and expertise to develop unique signage in live sporting events and creative new ways for brands to reach sports fans. They were best known for our highly visible home plate signage in Major League Baseball and courtside signage in the NBA and NCAA and for developing the much acclaimed college football field goal net program.

Since their early days in sports, they have grown well beyond their in–game signage roots. Today they offer a wide range of services across the sports landscape. They not only remain the worlds’ experts in TV-visible signage, but are industry leaders in naming rights and sponsorship sales, stadium construction and development, media sales, collegiate multimedia rights, video production, ticket sales and various other aspects of the sports industry. What remains unchanged is our commitment to our clients and to providing creative solutions, exciting opportunities and delivering unprecedented results.

Prior to joining Van Wagner, Palisi was the Executive Vice President at Nelligan Sports Marketing where he played a key role in the development of the company for over the twelve years. With over thirty intercollegiate athletic partners and more than 150 employees around the country, Nelligan Sports Marketing has differentiated itself in the marketplace with its solution based strategy for maximizing revenue growth and return for both its University and corporate partners.

NSM currently has over 150 employees working around the country, many of whom have served in a variety of roles on college campuses, while others have experience in the corporate sector. This combination of on-campus and business experience separates NSM from other companies in the industry as our knowledge provides a unique understanding of the missions, objectives, and goals that face not only collegiate athletic departments but the corporate sector as well.

Prior to joining NSM, Palisi directed the development and marketing efforts of The National Football Foundation and College Hall of Fame, Inc., during which time the organization enjoyed record-setting revenue growth. Prior to his tenure at the NFF, Palisi served as President of Athletic Advantage, Inc., following eight years in intercollegiate athletics administration at Rutgers University and the University of Maine, where he served as Assistant Athletic Director and was responsible for all external affairs.