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BSW Program FAQs

What to Know & How to Apply for the BSW Program at SCSU

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About the Program

What can you do to collect more information about our program and our application process?

SCSU BSW Program

  • 1 of 7 accredited undergraduate programs in CT
  • The Bachelor of Science Degree in Social Work, which prepares students for social work generalist positions and graduate programs, includes:
    • 45 Credit Program
    • Field Practicum: year-long, 400 hours (minimum number of hours)

What can I do with a BSW Degree?

  • BSWs can work in an array of settings such as Adoption agencies, Child and adult day care, Foster care agencies, Family service agencies, Public child welfare organizations, Private child welfare agencies, Elementary/secondary schools, Head Start centers, Early intervention programs, Psychiatric hospitals, Outpatient treatment centers, Residential treatment centers, Community mental health centers, Hospitals and medical centers, Senior centers, Hospice, Home care agencies, Military and veteran affairs, Prisons, Courts, Advocacy organizations, Community action agencies, Community centers, Local, state, and federal
  • A Masters in Social Work leads to licensure and clinician positions.

BSW Field Placement

  • The BSW field education curriculum consists of a single field placement or internship taken in the final year of the program that extends through the fall and spring semesters of the academic year.  Students are supervised onsite by an agency-based field instructor who has been approved by the Field Education Office.
  • The goal for the academic year is a minimum of 400 hours, which breaks down to 16 hours a week, or a minimum of 200 hours a semester. 
  • Internship Students’ field placements are supported by field practicum seminars (SWK 490/491) that are taken concurrently with the field placement. The seminar is a weekly class in which the students are guided in discussion of ways to integrate theory and practice, to develop strategies to improve field performance, to tap the expertise of peers and the field seminar instructor, and to learn to use assessment and feedback to further their own professional development.  Written seminar assignments are focused on competency areas.  The weekly field seminar is taught by a faculty member who serves as a liaison to the student’s field agency and field instructor.
  • Applications for field placement are completed early in the spring semester of the junior year

The Field Education Office attempts to be sensitive to issues of preference and convenience, but recognizes that educational need must figure most prominently in the matching process. Students must be willing to travel to field assignments within a 50-mile radius of their homes.

BSW Course Progression

Junior Year

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

SWK 320

SWK 321W

SWK 330W

SWK 390

SWK 376

SWK 380, 381 or 382


Senior Year

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

SWK 350

SWK 378

SWK 377

SWK 430

SWK 490 (6 cr.)

SWK 491 (6 cr.)

Can I Take Night Classes?

  • Yes, there is one night-course for each section offered every semester at 5 pm or later. If you have obligations during the day-time, do remember that your internship requires 16-hours a week during regular business hours.


Application Process

How to declare Social Work Major?

  • Students can self-declare themselves as a Social Work Major by using the registrars Major Declaration Form. This selection does not guarantee acceptance into the BSW Program, but it is required in order to apply.
  • To do so, follow the steps on this link:

How do I apply for a BSW program?

  • Applications are due each year on March 1st for students who meet the minimum requirements.
  • Complete the following requirements by the end of Spring 2018 semester.

*You can be currently in these courses while applying.

    • Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.50 or higher
    • Completion of a minimum of 57 credits
    • SWK 200: Introduction to Social Work (Grade of B or above)
    • ENGS 112: Composition
    • MAT 107: Statistics
    • Complete the online BSW Application
      • Applications are available online under the BSW Home Page--->Admissions.
      • Complete the essay question in a Word document.
      • If you’re a transfer student, send an official transcript from your prior school to or to the Lang House Attn: Dr. Smoyer.
      • Email the attachments of the application and essay to

Do I Need to Finish All of My Prerequisites Before Applying to the BSW Program?

  • No, as long as you are enrolled in the required courses during the spring semester you may be accepted to the program contingent upon the outcome of those courses. For example, if you haven’t taken MAT 107 yet, you can still apply and be accepted as long as you are registered for it in the spring and pass.

When Will I Hear if I Got Accepted?

  • The Coordinator of the BSW Program will contact you in mid-to-late March to discuss your status.

Where can I access the Curriculum Map?

Social Work Major LEP Requirements 

  • MAT 107 is the Tier I Quantitative Reasoning requirement (T1QR) for Social Work majors
  • ENG 112 is the Tier I Written Communication requirement

When Can I Meet with a Social Work Adviser?

  • The advisement period is roughly in March and November each semester.
  • Your assigned advisor can be found at BSW Home Page à Advising & Registration.
  • Students who are social work majors are appointed a social work advisor in their second semester at SCSU.