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BSW Admission Standards and Procedures



Students interested in majoring in social work must complete a two-step admission process.

      1. Application for admission to the University: Students must be accepted into the University by the Admissions Office. Go to: for the application (and information for transfer students, if relevant).
      2. Application is made for admission to the Department of Social Work in the spring semester prior to the fall semester in which students anticipate enrolling in 300 level social work courses.  

The Department of Social Work admissions deadline is March 1

Transfer Students - Important Note:

Students who plan to apply to both SCSU and the BSW Program for a Fall semester date may need to complete both admission processes simultaneously.

Eligibility Criteria for Acceptance: To be accepted into the program and given permission to enroll in 300 level and above social work courses, all social work prerequisites all social work prerequisites must be completed by the end of the spring semester in which the application is submitted:

  1. Completion of 57 credits of university requirements and cognate courses.
  2. A minimum grade point average of 2.50 and good standing with the University.
  3. Successful completion of SWK 200 or its equivalent with a minimum grade of B.
  4. Successful completion of ENG 112 and MAT 107 or course equivalents. Admission is competitive, with a GPA of 2.5 being the minimum considered for acceptance. Qualified applicants may not be accepted because enrollment caps are based on Social Work Department resources. Applications are accepted once a year. GPA, as well as other pre-admission criteria, will be used as a way of evaluating students for acceptance into the social work program. These may include, but are not limited to: completion of prerequisite courses, personal essay, and an evaluation of student's program plan for completion of remaining university requirements. Consistent with SCSU admission requirements, preference is given to those candidates who, in the judgment of Social Work Department faculty, present through academic and personal qualifications, the greatest potential for program success. Those students who meet eligibility criteria at the time of the priority admissions deadline will be accepted provisionally so long as those criteria continue to be met at the end of the spring semester.

After a determination is made concerning the student's readiness to enter the program, an appointment with the BSW Coordinator will be scheduled. Each student is then assigned to a faculty advisor and a planned program is established.

Please contact the Lang House Information Desk at or 203-392-6344 with any questions.