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Social Work Department Field Placement


Internship Application Procedures

Students complete a 400 hour (16 hour/week) field placement at a social service organization as part of their SWK 490 and SWK 491 Field Practice Seminar requirements.

Applications for field placement are completed early in the spring semester of the junior year.  The Social Work Department Field Office coordinates the placements of all students and includes students in the planning process.

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Field Placement Requirements

Students may be required by the agency in which they are placed to have a health physical, be fingerprinted, have a drug test, do a writing sample, etc.  Students are asked to self-report any history of charges of a crime (felony or misdemeanor) to the field office so that appropriate internship planning and preparation can occur.  Failure to disclose criminal history can lead to dismissal from the program.

Students must demonstrate competency in field work practice, as evidenced by seminar class assignments and field evaluations.

Performance in field practice courses is evaluated in terms of educational objectives.  The program expects the student will demonstrate competency in the objectives necessary for beginning-level social work practice.  Demonstrating competencies in the field is considered to be an academic question.  For this reason, the field liaison assigns final grades to field practice courses.  Failure to earn a minimum grade of C in a field practice course indicates that the student has not demonstrated achievement of required competencies for practice.

When a student's performance falls below departmental standards, the student is referred to the Student Assistance Team (SAT) for review.

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