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Q:  Are the Graduate Record Examination (GRE's) required for admission?
A:  No standardized testing is required in our admissions procedure. 

Q:  When will the applicant be notified about his/her admission status?
A:  Applicants whose admission materials have been received by the deadline and who have completed files will be notified by email by mid-April on acceptance or rejection by the Social Work Department and by regular mail by the School of Graduate Studies.  Remember that it is necessary to be accepted by both the Social Work Department and the School of Graduate Studies.

Q:  How many graduate level social work courses can be taken before applying to the MSW program?
A:  A non-matriculated student may take up to three graduate level social work courses (nine credits:  SWK 510, SWK 550 and SWK 551) prior to admission.  Please note that the MSW Program does not guarantee admission to the program if graduate courses are taken.  If the applicant is accepted into the MSW program, these courses will be applied towards the sixty credits required to complete the MSW degree.  No more than two courses (six credits) may be taken within one semester. 

Q:  How do I record my total volunteer hours on the Application for Admission to the MSW Program?
A:  This is an important area on the application form to have completed in the correct manner.  Do not include internship hours in item #11; volunteer hours should be recorded in #12.  Only total number of completed volunteer hours should be recorded.

 Q:  When do I select my specialization and concentration?
A:  After you are accepted into the MSW program, you will receive information about the specializations and concentrations.  You will have an opportunity to select them with your advisor.

Q:  Is financial aid available?
A:  Financial aid is offered to full time graduate students.  Please contact the University Financial Aid Office at (203) 392-5222 to obtain more information.  There are also a limited number of graduate assistantships available. 

Q:  Are there any program pre-requisites that are required prior to admission into the MSW program?
A:  A bachelor's degree from an accredited university and twenty semester hours in liberal arts on an undergraduate or graduate level.  

Q:  Is an interview required as part of the admissions process?
A:  No, interviews are not part of the admissions requirements. 

Q:  When am I notified about my Advanced Standing Status?
A:  Although you submit your additional application materials for Advanced Standing during the regular admissions process, Advanced Standing status is determined after the applicant is accepted into the program.  The MSW Program Coordinator will review all materials and make a determination regarding eligibility for the waiver of courses and the first field placement.  This determination is made by reviewing the undergraduate transcript and the advanced standing application materials. 

Q:  Is there a Spring admission date?
A:  No, admission is for the Fall semester only.