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Writing Across the Curriculum

The Southern Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) program and the Writing Center are directed by Marie McDaniel, Ph.D. The writing program at SCSU is also overseen by the Writing Across the Curriculum Committee (WACC). The WACC is comprised of nine voting members elected through the Faculty Senate election process and several non-voting ex-officio members.

The purpose of WAC is to create a curricular structure and educational environment in which writing can be encountered as a tool of discovery across the curriculum for both faculty and students who participate in writing-intensive courses. By providing resources such as workshops for faculty on using effective writing techniques and offering tutoring and writing workshops for students, the program strives to increase the successful participation of everyone involved in writing-intensive courses.



Southern Connecticut State University
Buley Library, Room 330 
501 Crescent Street
New Haven, Connecticut 06515