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Home Schooling Admission Policy

Southern welcomes undergraduate applications for admission from homeschooled students. Below are some suggestions for homeschoolers wishing to apply to Southern's undergraduate programs:

  • Students should complete the Common Application for Admission, including one of the standard essay prompts within the Common App.
  • Students should submit official SAT I or ACT scores from the testing agency.
  • Students should submit a transcript of all of their secondary school level work. (This transcript should include all courses taken, how the student was evaluated and who completed the evaluation of the student)
  • An official copy of any college transcripts or Advanced Placement score reports.
  • One letter of recommendation addressing the student's academic preparedness for college. Letters of recommendation are particularly important for homeschooled applicants, and we encourage you to select recommenders carefully. They should be qualified to evaluate you not only as a student, but as an individual and member of the community.

Homeschooled students must meet Connecticut Dept of Education requirements for high school education:

 If you have any questions regarding your application or status, please do not hesitate to contact the Admission Office directly at (203) 392-5644.