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September 2016 Newsletter

Jim Barber, '64, MS '79jim barber
Distinguished Alumni Award
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August 2016 Newsletter

Sophie's Storysophie

Read the fascinating story of Sophie Barron Bialek, '35, who celebrated her 102nd birthday recently. She continues to be a trailblazer!

2016 Alumni Association Board Members

Alumni Association By-laws state that in order to hold an election of board members with a ballot sent to all eligible voting members, we must have two more candidates than is required to be elected.  In the event that enough candidates are not available, the Secretary of the Alumni Association casts one vote to accept all candidates.  The following eligible candidates were nominated by the March 17, 2016 deadline.  At the May 12, 2016 Board of Directors' meeting, the Secretary of the Alumni Association cast one vote to accept all candidates.  

Please welcome the following new board members to the SCSU Alumni Association Board of Directors.  Their terms will expire on June 30, 2019.

Michael Cinotti, '15
Aba Hayford, '12
Angela Hudson-Davis, '88, MPH '97
Benjamin Komola, '11
Robert Lockery, '95
Doris Gamble Massey, MS '77
Judit Vasmatics Paolini, '73, MS, '79, SY '93
Christopher Piscitelli, '93
Guy Tommasi, '79

Remainder of Board members:

Kristin M. Ahern, '13 - Term Ends 2017
Christopher M. Borajkiewicz, '98  - Term Ends 2017
Phoebe Donehoo Browning, '04, MBA '05 - Term Ends 2017
James A. Bruni, '07, M.S. '13, 6th Yr. '14 - Term Ends 2017
Teresa Cherry-Cruz, M.S. '86, 6th Yr. '06 - Term Ends 2017
Kathy Coyle, '74, M.S. '78, 6th Yr. '81 - Term Ends 2018
Robert Felder, '08 - Term Ends 2017
Yvonne Klancko '70, M.S. '74, 6th Yr. '94 - Term Ends 2018
Dorothy J. Martino '54, M.S. '69 (Emerita)
Patricia Miller '69, M.S. '75, 6th Yr. '81 (Emerita)
Carolyn Vanacore '52, M.S. '68, 6th Yr. '73 (Emerita)
Brian West, '80 - Term Ends 2018