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available Scholarships

The following is a list of available scholarships organized according to school.  Click on the scholarship name to view the scholarship criteria.

big windowSchool of Arts and Sciences

The Mary Beth Antin Memorial Endowed Scholarship (Art)

The Dr. Adelaide P. Amore Memorial Scholarship (English Literature)

The Roger P. Blood Jr. Memorial Scholarship

The Louis Bove Memorial Scholarship: For the Love of History (History)

The Ida M. Caccese Endowed Scholarship (Computer Science)

The Clifford Toby & Patricia Hurley Chieffo, 1974 Distinguished Alumni Scholarship (Art Education, Art History, Studio Art)

The Rocco G. Colatrella Memorial Scholarship (Theater)

The Betsy Collier (Ethel Stannard) Scholarship (Studio Art)

The Crescent Players Endowed Scholarship

The Louis F. DeLuca Endowed Scholarship

The Diane Smith Drugge Endowed Scholarship

The Frew Family Endowed Scholarship

The Mary O'Brien Galardi Endowed Scholarship (Biology, Certification-Education)

The Henry Gates Endowed Scholarship

The Mason Van B. Jennings Scholarship (Biology, Chemistry, or Physics)

The Candice Lynn Keim Memorial Scholarship

The Kathryn Morgan Kelly Scholarship (Art Education, Art History, or Studio Art)

The Jenette Kelly Endowed Scholarship

The Robert E. Kendall Memorial Scholarship (Theater)

The Harry Levitin Memorial Endowed Scholarship (Mathematics or Chemistry)

The Jack and Anne Litten Memorial Scholarship (Music)

The Edward and Jean Mack Art and Music Endowed Scholarship

The Dominick and Maria Mastrianni Memorial Scholarship (Foreign Language -Italian)

The Francis A. O'Connell Memorial Scholarship (Mathematics or Chemistry)

The Joyce S. Olszewski Memorial Scholarship (Theater)

The Barbara Lynch Ortoleva Endowed Scholarship (Science, Education or Communications)

The Angelina Porto Memorial Scholarship (Theater, English Education or Elementary Education)

The Colonel James T. Quirk Memorial Scholarship (ROTC or CT National Guard)

The Lenore Palumbo Robbins Art Endowed Scholarship (Art or Art Education)

The Marguerite F. Smirnoff Memorial Scholarship

The Dr. Philip Smith Endowed Scholarship

The Joyce Stochmal Memorial Scholarship (Biology or Chemistry)

The Lisa Marie Tribanas Memorial Endowed Scholarship (Media Studies)

The Charles S. and Eugenia M. Whitney Endowed Scholarship (Journalism)

The Alice Lincoln Wright Memorial Scholarship (English)

The Annual Professor Olafs Zeidenbergs Scholarship (Fine Arts-Sculpture)

School of Business

The Frederick Caccese Memorial Endowed Scholarship (School of Business)

The Joseph V. Ciaburri Endowed Scholarship (School of Business)

The James S. Galardi Memorial Endowed Scholarship (School of Business)

The Eleanor Jensen Scholarship (Marketing)

The Raymond W. Mattes Endowed Scholarship (School of Business)

The Petrone Family Scholarship (School of Business)

The Dr. Kun Suryatmodjo Endowed Scholarship (School of Business-Economics)

School of Education

The Dr. Adelaide P. Amore Memorial Scholarship (Education-English)

The Blanche Bornemann Baldwin Scholarship (Elementary Education)

The Dr. Edmund L. Barbieri and Family Scholarship (Elementary Education)

The Gerald and Regina Barbaresi Education Scholarship

The Violet M. Bornemann Scholarship (Elementary Education)

The Maureen L. Bornstein Scholarship (Education)

The Arlene B. Buley Endowed Scholarship (Library Science)

The Marguerite Burnham Memorial Scholarship (Elementary Education)

The Susan and Barry Buxbaum Endowed Scholarship

The David James Cairney Endowed Scholarship (Special Education)

The Walter Cheetham Scholarship (Special Education)

The Class of 1938 Endowed Scholarship (Elementary Education)

The Class of 1938 Mary Driscoll Endowed Scholarship (Elementary Education)

The Class of 1938 Bruce W. Erickson Endowed Scholarship (Elementary Education)

The Class of 1940 Hickerson Memorial Scholarship (Elementary Education)

The Class of 1951 Frank Gentile Memorial Endowed Scholarship

The Class of 1953 Scholarship (Education)

The Class of 1954 Scholarship (Education)

The Class of 1955 Scholarship (Education)

The Rose Comcowich Memorial Scholarship (Education)

The Anthony J. and Nicholas P. Criscuolo Memorial Scholarship (Education)

The Eula J. Davies Scholarship (Library Science)

The Raymond and Elizabeth D'Amato Endowed Scholarship (Elementary Education)

The Louise DiRuccio Scholarship (Education)

The Ethel Kovach Forcinelli Memorial Scholarship (Special or Elementary Education)

The Geraldine Frankel Scholarship (Special Education-Secondary level LD)

The Andrew Catalogna Galardi Scholarship (Environmental Education/Science Education)

The Mary O'Brien Galardi Endowed Scholarship (Biology, Certification - Education)

The Bessie Lee Gambrill Memorial Scholarship (Education)

The Adelaide George Scholarship (Education)

The Julia Szabo George Memorial Scholarship (Elementary Education)

The Helen Grillo Scholarship (Special Education)

The Anne Bianchi Gundersen Scholarship (Elementary Education)

The Elizabeth and Wallace Johnson Endowed Scholarship (Information/Library Science)

The Dr. Lois J. King Scholarship (Elementary Education)

The Jean Z., Otto A. and Andrea Z. Kruger Endowed Scholarship (Education)

The M. J. Landino Scholarship (Elementary Education)

The Peter L. LoPresti Memorial Scholarship (Education)

The Mary Malafronte Endowed Scholarship (Elementary or Secondary Education)

The Dorothy J. Martino Endowed Scholarship (Education-Math or Science)

The Barbara G. Mastroianni Memorial Scholarship (Education-English)

The Mary McNulty Memorial Scholarship (Special Education)

The Donald G. and Mary Ann K. Mitchell Endowed Scholarship (Elementary Education)

The Orlando Family Scholarship (Education)

The Barbara Lynch Ortoleva Endowed Scholarship (Science, Education or Communications)

The Nancy B. Palmieri Memorial Scholarship (Early Childhood Education)

The Dr. Gioacchino S. Parrella Memorial Scholarship (Education)

The Petrone Family Scholarship (Elementary  or Secondary Education)

The Phi Delta Kappa Scholarrship

The Andrew C. Porto Scholarship (Education)

The Angelina Porto Memorial Scholarship (Theater, English Education or Elementary Education)

The Helen Rakieten Scholarship (Elementary Education)

The Esther and Alexander Raffone Scholarship (Elementary Education-Mathematics)

The Beatrice Rockwell Memorial Scholarship (Education)

The Joyce M. Saltman Scholarship (Special Education)

The Frank H. Samuelson Scholarship (Education -Elementary, Mathematics, Exercise Science & Student Athletes))

The Sidney Skolnick Scholarship (Education)

The Eleanor and John Sobanik Memorial Scholarship (Education)

The John and Margaret McKeon Sullivan Endowed Scholarship (Education-Elementary or Special)

The Lottie Topp Memorial Scholarship (Educational Leadership - Graduate)

The Rose M. Verdi Memorial Scholarship (Elementary Education)

The Joseph and Mary Villano Scholarship (Special Education)

The Walsh Family Scholarship (Elementary Education)

The Elma Jean and John Wiacek, Jr. Scholarship (Library Science)

The John H. Williamson Endowed Scholarship

The Albert and Jeanette Wolfe Endowed Scholarship (Education)

School of Health and Human Services

Arline B. Buley Endowed Scholarship (Masters of Library Science)

The Gerald and Regina Barbaresi Nursing Scholarship

The Tom Buch Child Welfare Endowed Scholarship (Masters in Social Work)

The Frederick DeVita And Teresa M. Sirico Endowed Scholarship (Nursing)

The Carol Satosky Druckman Memorial Endowed Scholarship

The Jack F. George Memorial Endowed Scholarship

The Danny Gonsalves/Public Health Alumni Chapter Scholarship (Public Health)

The Mildred Schepart Gosden Family Endowed Scholarship (Nursing-Interest in Gerontology or Physically Handicapped)

The Robert F. & Lesley Lee Herbst Endowed Scholarship

The Dr. A. Kay Keiser/Public Health Chapter Endowed Scholarship

The Derry Lynn Kitchell Memorial Scholarship

The Julia A. Kobus Endowed Schoalrship (Nursing or Public Health)

The Pauline R. Lang Memorial Scholarship (Social Work)

The Lois Shine Lehr Endowed Scholarship (Nursing)

The Ruth Landow Markle Memorial Scholarship(Communication Disorders)

The Denise Marone Endowed Scholarhip (Public Health)

The Michlin-Soomekh Endowed Scholarship

The James W. Moore Memorial Endowed Scholarship

The MSW Classes 88 & 89 Scholarship

The Jean V. Norrish Endowed Scholarship (Health Science)

The Mary Miller O'Brien Memorial Endowed Scholarship (Nursing)

he Besse and Harry Satosky Endowed Scholarship

The Nathan Winnick Memorial Scholarship (Exercise Science or varsity athlete)

Additional Scholarships

The 75th Anniversary Alumni Endowed Scholarship

The CSU-AAUP Doris Werner Memorial Scholarship

The Michael J. Adanti Endowed Scholarship

The Athletic Endowment

The Anthony S. and Virginia Avallone Scholarship

The Mackey Barron Endowed Scholarship

The Ed Brown Memorial Scholarhsip

The Samuel Miller Brownell Memorial Scholarship

The Dr. Hilton C. Buley Memorial Scholarship

The Carbone Family Memorial Endowed Scholarship

The Emma and Henry Christmann Memorial Scholarship

The Class of 1942 Scholarship

The Class of 1966 Scholarship

The Class of 1971 Scholarship

The Class of 1989 Scholarship

The Dr. George J. Collins, Ed.D/J.D. Academic-Athletic Scholarship

The Dr. George J. Collins Basketball Scholarship

The Robert Corda Memorial Endowed Scholarship

The Tim Coyne Soccer Memorial Scholarship

Paul J. Cubeta & John P. Cubeta Memorial Scholarship

The Francis DeFelice Memoriall Scholarship

The Rose DeFrancesco Memorial Scholarship

The James M. DelVecchio Memorial Scholarship

The Ralph DeSantis Memorial Endowed Scholarship

The Distinguished Alumnus Scholarship

The Dillon Family Endowed Scholarship

The Jess L. Dow Football Awards Endowment

The Sylvia Balber Drexler Scholarship

The Finis E. Engleman Memorial Scholarship

The Football Captain's Endowed Scholarship

The General Scholarship

The Frederick J. Giovannini Endowment Scholarship

The Dr. Dorothy R. and Dr. Morris A. Granoff Scholarship

The Bruce Hutchinson Memorial Endowed Scholarship

The Harry and Mary Inglese Endowed Scholarship

The Mike Katz Endowed Football Scholarship

The Mary A. Lehman Memorial Scholarship

The Anna L. LoPresti Memorial Scholarship

The Frank and Donna Mason Endowed Scholarship

The William J. McCarthy Athletic Training Scholarship

The Lawrence Mchugh Endowed Football Scholarship

The William Morgan Endowed Scholarship

The Vincent M. Narciso Memorial Scholarship

C.H. Nickerson & Company, Inc. Endowed Scholarship

The Oaklawn Foundation Scholarship

The Louise O'Neal Endowed Scholarship

The Damian O'Neil Memorial Scholarship

The H. Pearce Family Endowed Scholarship

The Anthony V. Pinciaro Memorial Scholarship

The Pamela and Christian Rendeiro Scholarship

The Pearl Rosenstein Scholarship

The Scholar/Athlete Memorial Scholarship

The Dorothy V. Schrader Endowed Scholarship

The Senior Citizen Louise DiRuccio Scholarship

The Scott H. Shepard Memorial Endowed Scholarship

The John Soto Endowed Scholarship

The Michael Vanacore Memorial Endowed Scholarship

The Anthony and Sharon Verlezza Endowed Scholarship

The Stephen D. Vuolo Football Scholarship

J. LeRoy and Patricia F. Ward Endowed Scholarship

Women's Association Scholarship

The Women's Sports

The Women's Track and Field Endowed Scholarship

The Alvin B. Wood Scholarship

The Yulo Family Scholarship