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Book Scanning

The center uses a Publisher PDF file (if available) or a high-speed scanner to convert textbooks and other print material to computer files. People with visual or learning disabilities can then open the files in a program that reads text aloud (i.e. Read&Write for Google Chrome).


If you are not a student but would like to request an alternate format for a purchased book, please contact us at (203) 392-5799 for pricing and information. 


The process of getting a book in an alternate format:

- Prior to requesting a book, the student must be registered with the Disability Resource Center (DRC) on campus. The student must then complete an intake with the Center for Educational and Assistive Technology. To complete an intake either call us to schedule an appointment during our hours of operation at (203) 392-5799, or stop in.

 - Once the student has completed an intake, they must bring the book they wish to convert with them to the Center for Educational and Assistive Technology. YOU MUST OWN THE BOOK YOU WOULD LIKE TO CONVERT FOR THE ENTIRE DURATION OF THE USE OF THE ELECTRONIC FILE (Copyright Revisions Act of 1976).

- Upon confirming that the student owns the book, the staff will ask the student to fill out and sign a book request form. The staff will then attempt to request a PDF file of the book from the publisher. If this request is approved, the staff will then convert the file into the desired format and will then provide the files to the student via a Google Drive for Education account created by the Center.

 - If we are unable to procure the electronic file of a requested book from the publisher, the Center for Educational and Assistive Technology will then have the binding removed from your book and will run the loose-leaf pages through a high-speed scanner. Once your book has been scanned and converted into the desired format, the book will be returned to the student and the files will be provided via a Google Drive for Education account created by the Center.

**THE CENTER FOR EDUCATIONAL AND ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY WILL NOT REBIND YOUR BOOKS OR PROVIDE PAYMENT FOR REBINDING YOUR BOOKS. To rebind your books you can bring them to TYCO on campus or another store of your choice. Once the binding has been removed, you will be unable to sell your book back to the school bookstore at the end of the semester.