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The Loan Program at the Center for Educational and Assistive Technology runs the outreach and service of Assistive Technology Demonstrations and Device Loans for the Connecticut Tech Act Project ( The Loan Program is a grant-funded program that serves two communities with different adaptive technology needs: teachers of technology and special education in Connecticut's school districts who would like to asses student needs and opportunities for assistive technology to be used in schools and SCSU students registered with the campus Disability Resource Center (DRC).

The Loan Program offers laptops or iPads with assistive technology software. With each loan, the Loan Program provides instructional support at our facility on the SCSU campus, as well as technical support for all computer hardware and software provided. Laptops can be loaned out to DRC registered students and to representatives from Connecticut's public school districts. Some of the software available for installation on a loaned laptop is listed below.  We do not currently offer iPad loans to SCSU students.  For school representatives, we are only able to offer a limited number of paid apps however, many of the app developers offer "lite" free versions for evaluation purposes and any free apps can be installed by the Loan Program.  School representatives can also use their own accounts to download apps on the iPads.  Because apps are user specific and not device specific, those apps will be erased when the iPad is returned to the Loan Program and the user will be able to install any purchased apps on other devices.

School District Loan Application (will download as a Word document) 

Available Software for Use on Loaned Computers

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Center for Educational and Assistive Technology Loan Program (Engleman B017A)

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