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iPad Apps

Following is a list of assistive technology apps that the Center's staff has had experience using. The descriptions come from a variety of sources including our experience with the app, the reviews on the iTunes store and the app descriptions provided by the app creators.

App Name App Description


Logo for Clicker Docs


Clicker Docs is a writing tool designed to develop students’ writing skills and build struggling writers’ confidence. Differentiated support for students of all abilities makes this a perfect way to build the skills necessary for fluent and eloquent writing. Students use the child-friendly keyboard to type into the simple word processor, and a range of speech options encourage them to review what they have written. This helps them to find and correct errors for themselves, enabling them to become more independent writers. Features such as word prediction, a talking spellchecker, ready-made word banks and a child-friendly Sassoon font make this app easy and fun for all ages. There is also a share function that allows students’ writing to be sent via DropBox or email. 

Developer: Crick Software Ltd; Price: $28.99; Version: 1.2; Size: 86.7 MB


Logo for Clicker Sentences


Clicker Sentence is a great early writing tool that enables struggling writers to build sentences with whole words. Students tap words in the grid to build sentences in the simple word processor, and then hear each sentence automatically spoken aloud as they complete it. This helps them identify any mistakes and make corrections. They can even hear words before they write them, helping them to find the word they want and achieve writing success. Numerous support options ensure that students of all abilities are given the right level of challenge to experience success. Pictures are utilized as well, which can be chosen from the iPad photo library or taken straight from the iPad camera. The pictures can be sent into the documents as well, helping students when they are reading their work back.

Developer: Crick Software Ltd; Price: $23.99; Version: 1.2; Size: 99.8 MB


Logo for Dragon Dictation


Dragon Dictation is an easy-to-use voice recognition application powered by Dragon NaturallySpeaking that allows you to easily speak and instantly see your text or email messages up to five times faster than using the keyboard. Users can also dictate status updates directly to social networking sites as well as send notes and reminders to themselves all using voice recordings. It can be used for anything from short text messages to long emails, and has a multitude of global language settings available for use. The interface is similar to that of the Dragon Dictation software for PC, but is optimized for iPad use. If you need a software program that works consistently well, Dragon Dictation is perfect for you. 

Developer: Nuance Communications; Price: Free; Version: 2.0.28; Size: 9.6 MB


Logo for Firefly K3000


Firefly K3000 for the iPad is a mobile extension of the Kurzweil 3000 educational program that delivers access to reading supports for individuals with literacy deficiencies. The app delivers core text-to-speech reading functions with speed, voice, and pacing accommodations. Access the shared Universal Library content available to Kurzweil 3000 – firefly Web License customers. This streamlined version of the PC software is still in its formative stages, but provides a good basis with which students can learn successfully. 

Developer: Kurzweil/Intellitools, Inc; Price: Free; Version: 1.2; Size: 1.2 MB


Logo for Inspiration Maps


Inspiration Maps is a multifunctional organizer that engages students in active learning. Students can create diagrams, maps and organizers that help them brainstorm, plan, organize and build thinking skills. Tap to transform visual work into outlines that export for writing. Inspiration is perfect for analyzing information, understanding cause and effect, organizing large projects, taking notes or even studying for an exam. A friendly interface and easy-to-build diagrams make this iPad-specific program great for all ages. You can personalize the program with images, colors, shapes, arrow styles and background. Additional templates are available in Spanish or UK English as well as US English. 

Developer: Inspiration Software Inc.; Price: Free; Version: 1.3.1; Size: 41.3 MB


Logo for iPrompts


iPrompts XL is an iPad-specific application designed as a visual support and scheduling system for people with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Visually optimized to take advantage of the iPad’s larger screen, iPrompts can be used to create and present large visual supports, including schedules, timers, choices, and more. The app provides several useful visual prompting tools (no audio or voice output) to help impaired individuals transition from one activity to the next. They will be able to understand upcoming events, makes choices, and focus on the task at hand. It’s perfect for reducing the frustrations of everyday life when traveling on-the-go. Therapists and special educators can store multiple visual supports for entire caseloads of different patients and students as well. 

Developer: Handhold Adaptive, LLC; Price: $39.99; Version: 2.21; Size: 6.0 MB


Logo for iWordQ


iWordQ is an easy-to-use writing and reading application to assist struggling writers and readers. The program offers two modes: Writing Mode and Reading Mode. In Writing Mode, a simple text editor is used for writing with the support of word prediction, abbreviation-expansion and speech feedback features. Spellcheck, speech recognition, and dictionary access is also included. In Reading Mode, text is shown in a more visually pleasing manner to improve readability. This is used for proofreading, reading to learn, silent reading, reading aloud, and casual reading/listening. A patented novel text chunking method can be selected to enhance comprehension and readability of text to allow you to focus on one text chunk at a time. 

 Developer: Quillsoft Ltd; Price: $24.99; Version: 1.2; Size: 152MB


Logo for Proloquo2Go


Proloquo2Go is the perfect alternative for AAC (augmentative and alternative communication) software, giving a voice to over 50,000 individuals around the world who are unable to speak or have difficulty speaking. It is the first AAC software developed for iOS devices and provides users with genuine childrens’ voices for more interactive learning. It has natural-sounding American, British, Australian and Indian English voices, including several fun characters. Two research-based vocabularies, Core Word and Basic Communication, provide a solid platform that can be quickly tailored to individual needs using Proloquo2Go’s innovative VocaPriority system, as well as pre-recorded expressions to aid with correct language. No internet connection is required for use. 

 Developer: AssistiveWare B.V.; Price: $219.99; Version:3.0.1; Size: 311MB


Logo for Read2Go


Read2Go is a DAISY (digital accessible information system) ebook reader that allows users to browse, search, download and read books directly from BookShare using a BookShare membership. The app gives the user full control over visual choices for font size, highlighting color, and text-to-speech preferences. Read2Go features word-by-word highlighting for multi-modal reading. The navigation tools allow even young students to use the program effortlessly and provide a wonderful opportunity for individuals with print disabilities to increase word recognition and improve fluency. It is also possible to use this app with Braille displays that connect via Bluetooth.

 Developer: Beneficent Technology; Price: $19.99; Version:1.0.3; Size:115MB


Logo for vBookz


vBookz PDF Voice Reader is equipped with a high-quality US English voice that reads your PDFs aloud while you follow along, giving the reader orientation and navigation tools that enhance the reading experience. Readers can pause, repeat or just follow along with the voice while gaining critical comprehension and reading skills in the process. There is no need for file conversion or magnification; vBookz has all of these options available to you when you load in your PDF file. With a 16-language set available as an in-app purchase, vBookz allows ESL readers the ability to read along in English, as well as English-speakers that want to read in a different language. 

Developer: Mindex International; Price: $4.99; Version: 1.3; Size: 50.4MB